Kulula’s Black Friday Survival Guide For Travel Deals

Add a travel experience to your Black Friday wish list! With kulula.com, you’re sure to get the best travel deals to whisk you off to that dream destination you’ve always wanted to visit. To keep on top of the Black Friday discounts and for the best way to navigate through all the offers available, here’s their Black Friday Survival Guide. 

Why Shop Black Friday Travel Deals With kulula.com

Travelling to your dream destination has gotten even more affordable with incredible Black Friday flight deals and massive holiday savings on kulula.com.

Originally an American shopping tradition, Black Friday is observed a day after Thanksgiving, to mark the start of the holiday shopping season. Today, Black Friday is one of the biggest and busiest shopping events of the year, falling on the 29th of November this year and extending to Cyber Monday and Travel Tuesday.

As shoppers prepare to snap up bargains on a wide range of consumables and expensive items, here’s why you should consider travel on Black Friday.

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Create Lasting Memories

They say that the best things in life are the people you love, the places you’ve seen and the wonderful memories you’ve made along the way. And with travel, you can create and relive many of life’s greatest moments – reconnect with family and loved ones from far and wide, enjoy an epic honeymoon that you’ll talk about forever or embark on a travel adventure to the unknown, cherishing your favourite holiday memories with a collection of souvenirs. Whatever the occasion, Black Friday is the perfect time to treat yourself or a loved one to an unforgettable travel experience at a steal.


Relax & Destress

Stuck in a rut? Having a rough year? Need a holiday that won’t break the bank? With Black Friday travel bargains, you can afford to enjoy some well-deserved travel therapy and downtime to escape the pressures of daily life. And if you’re not ready to travel just yet, save your purchased weekend getaway or longer vacations for the moments you need them most! That way, you take full advantage of the Black Friday travel savings.


Travel More For Less

If you’re a frequent traveller that jet sets for business or leisure, you’ll want more bang for your buck this Black Friday by spending less money on your scheduled trips. And better yet, with kulula Black Friday discounts, you’ll be able to fit in more travel for a whole lot less. That means ticking more destinations, experiences and hidden gems off your bucket list.

How To Snag The Best Black Friday Travel Deal

To know if you’re getting the best out of Black Friday and how to avoid missing out on kulula’s splurge-worthy travel deals, check out these tips.

Stay Connected

This kulula Black Friday is bound to be bigger than ever and the best travel deals are likely to be snatched first. If you find nothing as disappointing as a sold-out deal, be the first in line to receive their exciting offers by subscribing to kulula’s newsletter. Get updates on the latest Black Friday developments by following them on any of their social platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Choose The Right Travel Options

Whether you’re travelling locally or globally, be sure to choose the best travel options that cater to your needs. Consider everything you would need for your trip – how you’ll get to your destination, how you’ll move around and where to stay. That way, you’ll be able to determine whether you’re really getting a good Black Friday travel deal. Planning a luxury or budget holiday for a set period? Then, consider shopping for a discounted holiday package. If you’re travelling for a short, indefinite period, rather book your flights, rental car and accommodation separately.

Stay Flexible When Planning Ahead

Scoring a great Black Friday travel deal requires a degree of flexibility and planning ahead of time. Know where to find the best deals in advance. At kulula, you won’t have to worry about shop-hopping in a panic for specific travel bargains when you can find great deals on all things travel, in one place. Prioritize your travel purchases with a list of essentials before the sale to reduce the hassle of not finding exactly what you need. To take maximum advantage of this budget-friendly occasion, be flexible with your travel dates to specific destinations and include holiday alternatives in your wishlist. That way you don’t miss out on great travel opportunities.

Set A Realistic Budget

With a wide range of deals available on Black Friday, you may feel tempted to overspend and splurge on items you don’t really need. Setting a budget is key to ensuring that you reap the benefits of Black Friday savings. So if you’re wanting to avoid a financial pinch further down the line, define the maximum amount of money you want to spend on travel essentials by researching travel costs ahead of time.


Shop Online

Avoid Black Friday stampedes and get a head start to Cyber Monday by shopping online. With discounts at your fingertips, you get to snatch the best travel deals in the comfort of your home or office, without taking the day off. At kulula, you’ll get even more than you bargained for when you shop Black Friday deals online. They offer a variety of safe and secure ways to pay online, making it even easier to get your hands on some great offers.


Have A Game Plan On Black Friday

Ready, set, book — Black Friday is here! And if you snooze, fumble or stumble on the big day, deals on your favourite travel items could quickly disappear. But, you can cut through all the chaos with a savvy Black Friday game plan by setting email and social media notifications, alerts and alarms the night before the big sale, bookmarking kulula, making sure you have enough funds to purchase what you need and keeping calm.

Turn your travel dreams into a reality with kulula. And with their Black Friday discounts on travel and holidays, you can create many more of life’s greatest moments that will last you a lifetime.

For More Information

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You can also contact them on 0861 KULULA or 0861 58 58 52.

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