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Krispy Kreme Partners With Sally Williams Nougat

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Sally Williams nougat is a South African favourite. Now imagine that sweet, sticky indulgence in doughnut form! Krispy Kreme SA and Sally Williams have partnered together to bring you the ultimate confectionery indulgence. Plus there are a few other uniquely South African flavours on the horizon, so don't miss out!  Krispy Kreme SA

Nougat Meets Doughnut

If you've ever tucked into a Sally Williams nougat after a long and hard day you'll know that it's the perfect sweet treat. Whether you're a macadamia nut, an almond fundi or a dark chocolate chomper, these moreish nougat bars are a staple in South African homes. Now picture this - your favourite Sally Williams nougat flavour translated into a perfectly piped doughnut! Krispy Kreme SA has partnered with the masters of nougat to bring you their new Sally Williams range. Three new doughnuts inspired by the most popular Sally Williams flavours, what more could you ask for? Here's a detailed breakdown of all the sweet secrets these new doughnuts hold:

Almond Butter and Roasted Nougat

This delightful doughnut is ideal for fans of Sally Williams' almond nougat - an unglazed shell, filled with a nougat Kreme, iced with an almond butter icing and topped with almond and nougat pieces. Subtle, but sweet.

Dark Chocolate and Roasted Nougat

Here's one for the chocoholics - the Dark Chocolate and Roasted Nougat Doughnut Ring. An unglazed ring, dipped in chocolate icing and topped with decadent dark chocolate and roasted nougat shards - yum!

Roasted Nougat Kreme Krunch

This is our top pick of the lot - the Roasted Nougat Kreme Krunch! A glazed ring, dipped in white chocolate and roasted nougat Krumble, finished off with a nougat Kreme swirl, talk about pure lip-smacking indulgence.

Roasted Nougat Chiller

Krispy Kreme SA has also debuted a new Sally Williams Chiller. The Roasted Nougat Chiller is made from a perfect blend of almond milk, honey and frothy cream. Paired with any of their new doughnut flavours, this Chiller is sure to go down a treat.

Sweetly South African

Not a huge fan of nougat? That's alright, because Krispy Kreme SA has just launched their Sweetly South African edition. This trio of locally-inspired treats will be available from their mini stores and counters at Pick n Pays and Engen garages across Joburg. Get your hands on the Chocolate Lamington, the Apricot Jam and the Milk Tart from your nearest Krispy Kreme location and feel the love this June.

Download The Krispy Kreme App! 

The app is available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play and allows for the contactless payments of your favourite sweet treats in store.

Don't forget you can also order your Krispy Kreme online via their website or through the Mr Delivery and Uber Eats apps.

For More Information

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