Krispy Kreme Launches Kandyland

Each day gets tastier at this doughnut heaven. Try out the new and exciting treats at Krispy Kreme’s Kandyland. 

Krispy Kreme Kandyland

Krispy Kreme is at it again! Krispy Kreme has launched the tasty new innovation, Kandyland.

Kandyland has already stolen the hearts of many, so try it out as soon as you can. These limited editions are moving quickly, so get there before you miss out.

Krispy Kreme Kandyland

A Land Of Fun And Yummy Treats To Explore

A range of doughnuts has arrived for a limited time only. These delicious doughnuts are inspired by some of the most loved childhood sweets, such as gumballs, Smarties, sour strings and more. To top it all off, there is also a limited edition chiller for you to enjoy.

What do you get when you bring Smarties, gumballs, Nesquik and sprinkles to a doughnut house? A Kandyland filled with deliciousness. These are the flavours available:

  • Multi-Coloured Gumball Doughnuts – These doughnuts have bubblegum flavoured icing, sour strings, sprinkles and jelly beans.
  • Chocolate Nesquik – This doughnut has authentic Nesquik chocolate icing on a shell doughnut with colourful sprinkles.
  • Smarties Kreme Filled – This doughnut is covered in chocolate icing, filled with delicious vanilla kreme and topped off with some Smarties.
  • Rainbow Sugar Sprinkle – This doughnut consists of an original glazed doughnut topped with rainbow sugar crystals.
  • Bubblegum Dream Chiller – Enjoy a yummy bubblegum flavoured drink with a pink icing swirl and rainbow crystals.

Krispy Kreme Kandyland

Krispy Kreme Kandyland

Krispy Kreme Kandyland

Krispy Kreme Kandyland

Krispy Kreme Kandyland

When Is It?

Thursday, 02 January 2020 – Sunday, 02 February 2020.

Where Is It?

Any Krispy Kreme, Johannesburg, Gauteng.

For More Information

For more information, visit their website or Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

Please note: These are only available in-store while stocks last and remember to use your Krispy Kreme app to earn rewards on your purchase.

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