Killarney Mall’s Stationery Drive Was A Success!

Have you heard? Killarney Mall’s charity stationery drive was a success! They reached their goal to provide the children at Thembelenkosini Care Givers Centre with stationery and non-perishable food to support them through the entire year of 2020, thanks to the donations and contributions from their sponsors and kind shoppers. 

The Killarney Mall Stationery Drive Reaches Their Goal!

During December 2019 and January 2020, Killarney Mall – in partnership with their tenants, Dis-chem, Woolworths and Bostik – held a charity stationery drive, with the goal and mission to make a difference in the community by providing the children at Thembelenkosini Care Givers Centre with school and food supplies to last the entire year of 2020. And we’re happy to announced that they succeeded!

On Friday, 07 February 2020, Killarney Mall gave back to the community by donating one year’s worth of stationery and non-perishable food to Thembelenkosini Care Givers Centre, who are dedicated to physically, emotionally, creatively and intellectually enhancing the lives of children in the community of Senaoane, Soweto. This long-standing relationship between Thembelenkosini Care Givers and Killarney Mall has resulted in five years of local children receiving much-needed stationery and food.

Killarney Mall

A Big Thank You Goes To…

In addition to the sponsored stationery, Killarney Mall’s incredible shoppers donated countless educational books, files, folders, pencil bags, school bags and keyboards.

A very big thank you goes to Sharon Wapnick and Killarney Mall, their valuable sponsors – Bostik, Sasko, Woolworths, Dis-Chem Pharmacies and Pick ‘n Pay Killarney – without whom, this would not have been possible, as well as to all kind and generous shoppers and Thembelenkosini Care Givers for providing a safe haven for children and promoting their education further.

The contribution comes to a total of R99 990.54.

For More Information

Find out more about Thembelenkosini Care Givers at

You can also contact them on and 011 025 7755.

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