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The Kids Want To Have Fun Too But On A Budget

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How do we keep the young ones entertained, away from their screens and out the house? Well, here are a few things you can do with the kids, but on a budget. And plus it's September school holiday, it's about time until the bell rings for the kids to come out school. And you do want to keep them occupied. The Kids Want To Have Fun Too But On A Budget

Staying Indoors On A Budget

Bake With The Little Ones

Baking is really fun and kids don't mind getting their hands dirty, especially if it's something they can eat afterwards. Also, in case you didn’t know, baking is said to have many benefits for the little ones such as improving their mathematical skills because they will be dealing with measurements. It is also said to boost their reading skills, because that recipe book won’t read itself, now will it? In addition, it helps you and your kids connect. Lastly the best benefits to any baking guru, is eating the cake batter, now that's amazing.

Bake With The Little Ones

Netflix And Popcorn

Netflix has a lot of shows to look forward to. Sometimes all a kid needs is to sit back, watch movies at home and snack on some homemade popcorn. This is the perfect way to spend time with your little ones. Visit Pinterest and search for endless ideas on how to be creative with movie nights at home. Watching movies together is also said to strengthen family bonds.

Make Your Own Clothes Or Hand-painted T-shirts

Personally, I used to enjoy making clothes for my dolls and spending time crocheting with my grandmother. Which is why I turned out to be a creative. So if your kids are really passionate about making clothes and making matching painted t-shirts, do it! Buy some DIY items and get creative. This teaches kids how to work together with others and helps unleash their creative instinct.

Going Out On A Budget

Channel Your Inner Picasso At Art Jamming

Bring the kiddos to Art Jamming for a fun day of painting in the city at an affordable price. They can spend the day exploring the world of art and embracing their creativity. Let the kids paint the town red for as little as R150.00 per session, including paint, a canvas, supplies and an apron. 

Art Jamming

Catch These Movies

Watching movies at home is fun, but sometimes you just want to get out the house. So why not go to the cinema? We've compiled a list of movies you can catch as a family, and we promise you'll enjoy them. There are some fun animations coming up this month. Click here to find out when they will be showing.

Check Out Adventure Golfing

Tiger Woods who? The golfing giant was found shaking after hearing about the awesome adventure golfing spots around JHB. The kids are now coming in for the win. We have found some fun adventure golfing spots around the city you need to check out. So, are you going or what?

Check Out Adventure Golfing

Croc City Crocodile & Reptile Park

Who is game to go see some exotic creatures? If this is something you would really love, make sure you visit Croc City Crocodile & Reptile Park. You will be entertained for hours, there isn't shortage of anything to do. See you there!

Gold Reef City

For an exhilarating day out, head to Gold Reef City! Even as an adult, I feel excited when someone mentions Gold Reef City because of the rides, laughter and all the other amazing entertainment. There's plenty of attractions and rides to look forward to.

Gold Reef City

Go To The Zoo

This is one of the most affordable ways to take the kids out without breaking into a bank or selling your arm. And the kids seem to enjoy it, even adults have a blast. There's so more fun for all. You can also visit the Bokkie Park if not The Johannesburg Zoo.

Go To The Zoo

So, what are you planning on doing with the kids, please let us know down below!

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