Kids-Friendly Meals

Being a parent is the toughest – and most important job – in the world. And that’s why you also need a well-deserved break from cooking. When those times pop up, pick one of these meal options. 

Kids-Friendly Meals

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New On The Radar

If you haven’t heard the good news yet, here it is: Checkers is stocking the new children’s convenience meals, Oh My Goodness!, by Gordon and Matilda Ramsay. Why we love it? The meals, each retailing for R29.99, are free from MSG, added sugar and salt, and contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. They’re also made using locally sourced vegetables and certified free-range beef and chicken. Choose from five meals: Cheesy Macaroni, Chicken, Bacon & Corn Pie, Cheesy Chicken, Rice & Veg, Beefy Cottage Pie and Spaghetti Bolognese. We might have to test these out ourselves…

Old Favourites

Most of us, or rather the little ones, love the wide selection of meals from Woolworths. From ham and pineapple pizza and hake and veggies in a cheese sauce to pasta pillows and beefy potato pie, there’s something for every type of eater, even the pickiest. They also stock family-size meals (think large lasagne, pasta bakes and pies) to feed the whole family on your nights off. Just throw in a dessert and everyone will be super-sated and happy.

Teach Them How 

If you’re a true Martha Stewart or Delia Smith, then you’d prefer to get your kids into the kitchen to cook with you. They’re never too young to learn, right? Discovery’s Vitality HealthyFood Studio offers fun, interactive cooking courses for kids aged 8–12 where they can learn how to make delicious and healthy meals by themselves. Next up on their schedule is Healthy fast foods on 20 May, and then on 20 June is Italian dining. The price of R595 includes a ticket for you (who’ll be acting as the sous chef) and one child to attend the course. Spots tend to go quickly, so we suggest you book your place now.

For A Good Cause

Though this isn’t about convenience meals, it is about helping hungry children for World Hunger Day on 28 May. For every bag of Tru-Cape Apples sold at a coastal Food Lover’s Market store during the month of May, FoodForward SA will feed one hungry South African. World Hunger Day was launched by The Hunger Project in 2011 and aims to inspire people all over the world to help those – currently more than 795 million people worldwide – who go to bed hungry each night. The focus of this year’s campaign is good nutrition, as malnourished children often have stunted growth and delayed physical, emotional and mental development. Share the love this World Hunger Day and buy a bag – or four – to support the initiative, and don’t forget to post about it using these hashtags: #LoveMovement #WorldHungerDay #FoodForwardSA #HungerFreeSA #FoodLoversMarket #28May.

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