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#Kids: Aromadough in Craighall Park

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We are always on the lookout for exciting kids’ activities in Joburg – so when Aromadough opened in Craighall Park, we just had to check it out on your behalf!

We have been longtime fans of Aromadough ever since my husband brought it home from a conference! Such a clever corporate gift, and we all had hours of fun testing how we felt after playing with “Calm” versus “Energy”. The dough is infused with coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax and essential oils, and is 100% natural – perfect for kids (and their parents) that spend time playing with the beautifully scented and silky soft dough.

The premise behind Aromadough is to use it as a means of Touch Therapy, Colour Therapy and Aromatherapy – all three senses are affected when playing with the dough and the resulting essential oils that are released. Your skin absorbs them, you inhale them, and your brain is stimulated by the carefully selected colours.


Personally, I love the “creative” blend and often sit at my desk and use it as a type of stress ball when reading briefs or trying to come up with ideas for clients. My eldest is a fan of the “calm” version and has it next to her bed for when she’s battling to sleep. She doesn’t even need to take it out of its plastic container – just a few deep breaths and seems to feel more relaxed. My youngest will happily play with anything that is pink and purple (I am hoping that they come up with a “Stop Talking” version sometime soon – I think it will be a best seller.)

You can understand my delight when Aromadough opened in the Valley Shopping Centre in Craighall Park – a beautiful venue that kids (and adults) aged 4 and up can spend time. Plus, you can buy their aromadough off the shelves when looking for a beautiful and thoughtful gift!


The Aromadough Party & Event Space can also be used for parties and corporate de-stress bookings. The events take approximately 2 hours and are beautifully decorated in bright happy colours that make you feel instantly energised.

The venue also offers one fantastic school holiday programmes that include Aromadough, slime, arts & crafts, games, pamper sessions, bath bombs and baker man. Be sure to follow them on Facebook for details of their current workshops.


I highly recommend a visit and would encourage you to support this local business! It is also the perfect activity for parents wanting to spend quality time with their kids, or for playdates (when busy parents can happily work on their laptop at Fournos and get two hours of work done!)

For More Information

Web: www.aromadough.co.za

Email: [email protected]

Address: Valley Shopping Centre, 396 Jan Smuts Avenue, Craighall Park

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