Keep Your Clothes Looking Good As New With Ariel

Getting tough stains out of your favourite clothing items has never been easier! Thanks to Ariel Auto Liquid, doing your laundry will be a breeze, and not only will you get those pesky stains out in one wash, but also your clothes will also look as good as new! 

Why Choose Ariel For Your Laundry Needs

Caring properly for your clothes is important in order to keep them looking beautiful and new for longer. Which is why Ariel Auto Liquid or Washing Powder cleans deep into your clothing’s fibre while the specially designed cap helps to pre-treat tough stains. It ensures better stain removal in one wash*, thanks to the enzymes, surfactants and cleaning boosters that act on the fibres, not just the stains, removing visible and invisible dirt.

* Compared to the best-selling ordinary powder if applied directly to stains like chocolate, red wine, clay and coffee.


But it’s not only Ariel’s formula that’s been improved. The bottle now comes with a special cap that measures the perfect amount of product to add to your laundry, and the cap’s design assists with pre-treating tough greasy stains. Simply apply a little bit of Ariel Auto Liquid or washing powder made into a paste directly onto the stain, then scrub gently with the newly designed cap. Leave the pre-treatment cap, with the correct amount of Ariel in the washing machine, right on top of your clothes, turn the temperature down, and wash as normal. It’s that easy!

Top Tips for Athleisure Care

Athleisure is all the rage. For those of you who have not heard this term before, it’s simply the trend of wearing workout clothing as leisure, work, or casual wear. Fabrics most commonly used in athleisure are stain and odour magnets owing to greasy body oils, and if not cleaned deeply at the fibre level, it will attract more dirt over time, leading to dingy whites, dull colours, and trapped odours. It’s not always easy to figure out the best care for these garments, but don’t worry, Ariel has the answers!


Here are some important factors to keep in mind when washing your athleisure garments:

• Don’t use bleach on your clothing as this damages clothing fibres. Ariel Auto Liquid or Washing Powder contains no bleach and is gentle on fabric but tough on stains. The enzymes, surfactants, and cleaning boosters act on fibres, not just the stains, removing both visible and invisible dirt

• Don’t wash your athleisure clothing at high temperatures, as this too, damages clothing fibres. Ariel Auto Liquid or Washing Powder works well at low temperatures, making it your partner in caring for your favourite garments

• Wash your garments inside out.

• If you have delicate garments, ensure to wash them in a laundry bag.

• Line drying your clothes is advisable, but if you choose to tumble dry, do so at very low temperatures.

• Always check garment labels for washing instructions.

In the below video, Annick Vandeputte, Ariel Fibre Science Expert, offers more advice on the best care for your athleisure wear.


And Ladies, You No Longer Need To Worry About Make-up Stains

Modern women are living a full and challenging life, and need their wardrobes to keep up with their increasingly dynamic lifestyle. The progressively popular athleisure wear perfectly fulfills this demand, by allowing women to move easily from a work lunch to a gym class, and finish the day back on the couch, all in the same outfit. Unfortunately though, if you’re going to be spending a large amount of time in your clothing, you can expect accidents and stains to happen.

A common area of concern is greasy stains, like those caused by lipstick and oil-based foundations. Ariel Auto Liquid and Washing Powder is particularly effective on these types of greasy stains, with the improved formula able to remove a variety of tricky stains. Because the advanced cleaning formula is also effective at lower temperatures, Ariel provides superior cleaning while keeping your clothing looking newer for longer.

Ariel sets a new standard of clean to take care of the clothes you love. Now, when you’re jumping onto the couch at the end of a busy day, you won’t need to worry when you smudge foundation onto your favourite hoodie, because Ariel has got you covered.


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  1. What an amazing product. The stain removal power is incredible – and the fragrance is an added surprise – lovely, truly.

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