Keep Baby Warm This Winter

The last thing you need in this cold weather is a baby with the sniffles or sneezes. Prevent baby from catching a cold or the flu by making sure your baby is warm and snug.


Babies love being warm and snug just like they were in their mothers’ tummies. The best way to replicate in the womb feeling for baby is by swaddling. For new borns, it is absolutely paramount to make sure you swaddle them correctly, the blanket shouldn’t be too tight as this can hinder the baby’s growth. You can get your swaddle blanket from Kids Living or try something a little different like the Baby Sense Sling.

Wraps/ Blankets/ Throws

Babies can never have enough blankets. But what’s better than just a blanket, wrap or throw? A Personalized Cellular Blanket! Romy & Rosie have some fabulous options you can pic out for your baby, from receiver blankets to cobbler blankets – getting a cold this winter will be the least of your worries. Available in a range of different colors, you baby or toddler’s preference is well catered to.


Heaters tend to dry up the air which creates a breeding hub for germs, an alternative to warming up your baby’s room is the Elektra Platinum Cool And Warm Stream Humidifier. Obviously for winter you’d have is set on the warm stream setting. This warms up the room and also adds moisture to the air so your baby is both warm and the risks of catching the flu from germs in dry air is minimized.

Warm Clothing

Get your baby warm clothes from Little Lumps. Offering Baby Blanks in a set of 6, you can get you baby two sets and you’re sorted for a good week with the additional jerseys, blankets, etc. Available in black and grey, you baby’s fashionable look doesn’t have to take a hit because of the cold at all, you can dress baby up or down.


Why not up your wool game and get yourself and your baby a glorious Mooowool? But what’s one or two woolies when you can be rolling in everything knitwear from Woolworths? From beanies to scarfs and gloves, get your baby all geared up to fight the cold and keep the flu at bay.

Know other ways to keep your baby warm not mentioned above? Let us know below!

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