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How To Have A Jol On A Tight Budget

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Looking to party or throw a party on a tight budget? Well if you’re a born entertainer then you certainly have nothing to worry about, but if you love partying hard and you’re on a budget, then you might want to consider these handy tips. Student Party

Avoid Entrance Fees

This is the first step, avoid going to places that will require you to pay entrance fees. What’s the point of paying if you’re broke, right?

Throw Your Own Party

If you really like going out but can't afford it all the time, rather throw your own party where people can bring their own beverages. Consider options like throwing a party at your own place, in the park, having a braai or even a pool party.

Bring Your Own

If you’re planning on going to a place that allows you to bring your beverages, then take your own. Its way cheaper than buying drinks at those expensive bars. Plus, you get to drink what you want and what's suitable to you!


Student Discount

Always be on the lookout for student specials and discounts. This means use your student card to purchase stuff at places that offer students specials.

Leave Your Bank Card At Home

If you’re going to go out, leave your bank card at home to avoid overspending. Rather calculate roughly how much money you will need for the night, and be realistic about it. And remember, don’t be that guy who’s always going to cover the bill for all your friends.

Remember to always Drink Responsibly!

Do you have any tips and ideas that you would like to add on our list? 

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