Johannesburg Planetarium - Review

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It's a galatic experience at the Wits Johannesburg Planetarium!

It’s so funny how we so easily forget that we have this amazing gem right on our doorstep. The Planetarium is one of Joburg’s landmarks and I think we can all remember a school trip where we got to look at the stars and think about how tiny we actually are!

Did you know? The Planetarium was built in 1960 on the University of the Witwatersrand’s East Campus and was only the second planetarium in the Southern Hemisphere.

For families looking for something different to do over the weekend or during school holidays, this is a fabulous alternative to just another movie… They offer a variety of shows suitable for children as young as five. The Planetarium also caters for adults and corporate events. From space travel to learning about the constellations and our solar system, 'out of this world' entertainment is what you'll get.

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