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Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra

Est. Reading: 1 minute

PLEASE NOTE: This is an outdated programme. Please follow the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra on Facebook for their latest and upcoming shows. 

Join the JPO for the start of their brand new season.

Week 1 : Wednesday, 21st and Thursday, 22nd of February

Berlioz: Carnaval Romain
Saint-Saens: Sello Soncerto, no.1, op.33, a minor
Rachmaninoff: Symphony no.1, op.13, d minor
Soloist: Mattia Zappa - Cello
Conductor: Emmanuel Siffert

Week 2: Wednesday, 28th of February and Thursday, 1st of March

Glinka: Valse Fantaisie
Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto, no. 1, op.1, f# minor
Sibelius: Symphony no.1, op.39, e minor
Soloist: vladimir milosevic - piano
conductor: Emmanuel Siffert


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