Johannesburg On A Limited Budget: What To Do

As South Africa’s largest city and an important hub for people from all over the Gauteng region and further afield, Johannesburg is a key node in the country’s economy. According to one study, it attracts nearly five million visitors every single year. But Johannesburg is also an expensive city – and if you want to participate in any of the fun activities this city has to offer – like its cinemas, casinos or restaurants – then it helps to have a bit of cash in your wallet. And the good news is: there’s plenty you can spend your money on if you have it to burn. This article will give you some top tips.

Joburg Is The Cool Kid Of All Cities

Getting Around

Let’s face it: very few people who come to Johannesburg are going to travel around in chauffeured limousines – and the idea of driving a car through the city’s traffic can fill even the most experienced South African driver with dread. Going around the city on foot, then, makes a lot of sense, even if you have the cash for motorised transport – and there are plenty of walking tour providers who can help you make the most of this city’s streets. Don’t forget to leave a generous tip!

But it’s worth noting that some people have safety concerns about Johannesburg’s streets. If you’re concerned about safety especially at night, then hiring a reputable driver who can get you where you need to go is a great way to get around the city in comfort and style – and with some air conditioning too, for those warmer months.

Maboneng Precinct

Another great leisure activity for budget travellers to consider when on their big trip to Johannesburg is to sample the local cuisine. This diverse and interesting city has been undergoing an intense process of change in recent years, and now that it’s become more modernised there’s a lot to see in terms of fashion style. The Maboneng Precinct, with its bars and eateries, is a good place to observe the new Johannesburg set do their thing – and you can even join in by treating yourself to a meal or drinks.

Go on Safari

 Heading to this part of the country is a popular choice for those who fancy a safari – and with good reason. This area of South Africa has a number of great trails, and by paying a decent amount to get a good tour guide, you too can make the most of it. Heading to the Pilanesberg National Park, for example, is not cheap – but it does mean that you’ll most likely see the safari creatures of your dreams from among the 360 species known to exist in the park. Safari really is the sort of experience where you get what you pay for – and by shelling out for a luxury safari trip, you can ensure that you get a comfortable vehicle, a safety-oriented visit plan and a knowledgeable guide.

A Fancy Hotel

On the other hand, if you’ve got a bit of a generous budget or have been lucky enough to win the lottery, and are looking for a more lavish experience, nothing screams “luxury holiday” quite like a high-end, fancy hotel in which to stay – and the good news for those on an expensive holiday in Johannesburg is that there are plenty of options to pick from! Some of the world’s leading hotel brands are represented here in the city. The Four Seasons is one such place, and is well known for its gorgeous views right across the city – although it’s worth remembering that it will set you back close to £200 per night.

Elsewhere around the city there are plenty of boutique hotels if you fancy somewhere a little more distinctive. The Fairlawns Boutique Hotel is situated close to the well-heeled area of Sandton, and it’s also ideal for people who like to head off to get pampered once the day is over, thanks to the on-site spa. Those with an interest in history, meanwhile, can head to the Saxon Hotel for their heritage fix. It was here that South African hero Nelson Mandela wrote his book, Long Walk to Freedom. The price, however, does render it only suitable for those with a huge budget – and rates can easily get close to £500 per night.

So, while Johannesburg has a deserved reputation for not being the cheapest city on earth, there’s still plenty that a budding traveller can do when they hit the ground here. From trips out into the countryside to experience an exciting safari to fancy hotels such as the Four Seasons, it’s well worth scoping out your options, no matter what you’re into.

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