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Johannesburg Hiking Club

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Johannesburg Hiking Club ensures and organises a continuing programme of hikes and hiking related events, and to foster a sense of responsibility towards the environment within which its hiking activities take place.

There's more to hiking ... Don't just hike

Don't just go out for a hike, stop and use your senses. We are privileged to be gifted with so many other aptitudes that we do not just have to use our legs when hiking.

We have the sense of smell, which enables us to enjoy the sweetness of the spring flowers but also the pong of dassies' droppings.

Touch is wonderful, feel the silky soft moss on a rock in comparison to the prickly thorns of cacti.

Sight is one of our most precious gifts, admire the fantastic views which we experience on our Sunday hikes in the Magaliesberg, look at the various plants, shrubs, grasses.

Listen to the gentle flowing of water, the songs of various species of beautiful birds or the bark of baboons.

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