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Joburg's Best Nacho Hot Spots

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Nachos - crunchy, cheesy, spicy or plain - these triangle tortilla chips are simply heavenly. Luckily, Joburg has no shortage of restaurants ready to serve up these Tex-Mex delights. Here's our list of top picks.  nachos

Baha Taco

We know it says 'taco' in their name, but don't be fooled - Baha Taco serves up some of the most delicious nachos around. This authentic Tex-Mex eatery is known as Norwood's best. Plus, their portions are generous to the tummy and the pocket. Baha's wood-roasted nachos come in three flavours - The Classic; melted cheese, sour cream and pico de gallo (fresh salsa), Beef Chili or The Californian; bacon, black beans and sweetcorn. Order a side of guac for only R20 extra. Heavenly!

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Tiger's Milk

According to our resident food writer, Tiger's Milk is the unofficial home of 'dude-food' in Jozi. What better dude-food could there be than cheesy, moreish nachos to share? Tiger's Milk stay pretty true to the original recipe invented by Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya in 1943. Fully loaded with enchilada sauce, cheese, guacamole, jalapeños and sour cream, these nachos are a dream come true. Enjoy them vegetarian or add a portion of shredded chicken to bulk up the protein content.

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Salsa Mexican Grill

Salsa Mexican Grill delivers a vibe unlike any other. You will always find happy foodies here. Whether this is the result of the copious amounts of tequila they serve, the food or the atmosphere. However, one thing is clear - the nachos are a hit. Upon your next visit to Salsa, watch how smiles and eyes widen as the nachos hit the table. These oven baked tortilla chips are piled high, dripping with melted cheddar cheese, spicy salsa and classic guacamole. Order a plate for the table to share, or pig out on your own. Either way, it's sure to be a treat.

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Mama Mexicana

If you ever find yourself hungry in Maboneng, stop by Mama Mexicana. The precinct's resident Tex-Mex restaurant is welcoming, vibey and the perfect place to indulge yourself. Mama's classic nachos are served chip-and-dip style, so there will be no more fighting over ratios of sour cream to salsa to guac. But, if you want something more indulgent, try out the BBQ pork nachos - stringy cheese, pulled barbecue pork and pineapple. Is your mouth watering yet? Wash it all down with one of Mama Mexicana's signature Mexican beers.

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Hudsons The Burger Joint

A burger joint? Bear with us. Hudsons are the cool kids on the block when it comes to Insta-worthy grub. While their burgers are impressive, they also cater to those of us who would rather not have our faces, shirts and hands covered in meat and pickle drippings. Instead, unhinge your jaw for the House Nachos - tortilla chips smothered in sour cream, salsa, cheddar, mozzarella, jalapeño and fresh avo. Vegan foodies, Hudsons has spared a thought for you, too. Their Vacon Nachos are topped with cashew cream, salsa, vegan mozzarella, sweetcorn, jalapeño, pepperdew and optional avocado.

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Perron proudly dubs themselves the 'Mexican Appreciation Society'. Once you have sampled a taste of their Tex-Mex fare, it isn't hard to understand why they deserve this title. Perron's nachos are abundant and super cheesy. Order yours with a choice of chipotle chicken, pork pibil (pulled pork marinated in citrus) or black beans. Top it all off with pungent cheddar, sour cream, pico de gallo, jalapeño and guacamole. This is definitely a job for your stretchy jeans and a mean craving that won't be denied!

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La Rosa Mexican Grille

La Rosa won the Best New Restaurant in the Best of Joburg awards 2017. If you haven't paid them a visit yet, this is the time to do so. When your next nacho tummy rumble comes calling, La Rosa is certain to have the answer. You can order the Nachos Grande - a sharing plate for two or more; or go it alone with the Nachos Pequeno (a 'small' plate for one). La Rosa doesn't skimp on the cheese - their nachos come with melted cheese sauce, shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese! Order yours plain or fully loaded with Mexican chorizo, chili con carne or skirt steak. Don't blame us if you end up in a cheesy food coma.

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Do you know of any other great restaurants that serve nachos in Joburg? Let us know about them!


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