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Joburg's Best Kept Secrets For Cheap Shopping

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Most of us know all about Januworry, but nobody wants to speak about Februworry or Marchoworry. Okay, maybe that's because that last term didn't work at all. But, let's face it, many of us live with that all-year-round, them-prices-keep-on-hiking-worry. Now, before we send you plummeting into a pit of despair before 2019 has even reached its second month, we are sharing some of our secret shopping spots to keep our pockets from losing weight too quickly. 


Simply — what a hidden gem! Tucked in the business district of Meadowdale, Adriatic supplies the food industry with catering equipment and Italian food products. And yes, they're also open to the individual consumer looking to feed four mouths. Find rows and rows of food products: pasta, pasta sauces, coffee, sweets, cheese and wines. These imported foods can be bought at ridiculously low prices. Buy a tin of humble chickpeas for R14.27*! Plus, if your lucky stars are aligned, you will be served a cappuccino on the house while you shop. Even though you're in a warehouse, you are sure to feel at home with the warm staff.

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Green Cross Outlet Store

Take a short trip from Adriatic to the Green Cross Outlet Store, also located in Meadowdale. Most people overlook a good pair of comfortable shoes in favour of the pretty pieces of trash that can’t get us from one side of a mall to another without killing our soles. Recently, I invested in some trendy Green Cross boots (yes, Green Cross may not scream stylish or trendy, but you will be surprised what you find). Well, those shoes have got me walking on sunshine (the “I used to think maybe you loved me, now baby I'm sure” kind). What’s even better is this outlet store gives you the previous season’s shoes at clearance low prices! We spend half our time sleeping and the other half on our feet, so invest in a good mattress and good shoes … at Greencross!

Herbert Evans

Artists, craft lovers, home renovators, listen up! If you haven’t been to Herbert Evans yet, where have you been all its life? Seriously, this IS your little heaven. They stock everything your creative heart could ever desire. And their prices are much more reasonable than most art supply shops. Don't forget to get there in August and stock up on their half price sale! You will thank me later. You're welcome.

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Ascot Cosmetics

Ladies, we all have our favourite spots to stock up on beauty products, but without wanting to gloat or anything, I’ve found the best. And the cheapest. This little secret in Turffontein takes you into a beautiful world of shiny bottles, elegant fragrances and welcoming, knowledgeable service. From Dior to Clarins and Lancome to Chanel, get the very best prices in fragrances, makeup and skincare at Ascot Cosmetics. Their low prices are even competitive with duty-free! And if, unlike me, you are not a fan of driving all over Jozi to find great deals, they deliver to your door!


Here is a haven for the flower lover, the flower arranger, the florist, the caterer, the decorator and ... you get the picture. All the flowers. ALL the flowers — at low prices. With its many stores, they also sell candles, serviettes and loads of party accessories, so you can kit yourself out for your next dinner, child’s party or any other big event.

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Super Sconto

If you want a deli shopping experience and you're not in the mood for the Adriatic's big warehouse shopping, get to Super Sconto. Centrally located, this family run business is passionate about Italian food. Find a large range of excellent imported goods. From pastries to pasta, biscuits to cheese, olive oil to cold meats, water to cleaning products, they have the foodies smiling. That smile gets even bigger when said foodies sit down for delicious lunch and coffee at the restaurant!

Springbok Pharmacy

I may have lost your trust by adding a pharmacy to this list, but hang in there. You will find medicine, soaps, razor blades, shampoos, burn kits, tissues and everything for human existence at lower-than-competitive prices. Yes, you read that correctly: lower-than-competitive. If you pop down to this unassuming centre in Alberton, you will find yourself in a mega-store almost the size of Joburg. Shop for everything, except — or possibly including — the kitchen sink. You can also order online or over the phone and they will deliver anywhere in Joburg — FREE! No one ever seems to believe me, but I have saved a whole lot of coins at Springbok.

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Consol Glass Factory Shop

The perfect place for gifts! This factory shop is a calming treat. Find bowls, solar lights, glasses, storage containers, glass bottles, olive oil bottles and much more at lower factory shop prices! Plus, every time you go there, they have redesigned the layout of the shop with new, fun décor ideas to get you inspired. How lovely.

This is not a comprehensive list. If you have any of your own secret shopping haunts, share it with us!

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