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Joburg's Best Food Tours

Joburg's Best Food Tours

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It's no secret that we Joburgers love our food. Our city boasts some of the most diverse and eclectic cuisines on the continent. Take your pick from these top Joburg food tours and experience the sights, smells and tastes of the world right here at home. 

Johannesburg is a multicultural melting pot. Celebrate the astounding diversity of the city by going on a local food tour. You'll be amazed by the city's eclectic food culture and the intermingling of cuisines. There are numerous food tours offered by Joburg's most popular tour companies. Take your tastebuds on an adventure through the city with these top five food tours currently on offer:

Jozi Coffee & History Walking Tour

Micro- Adventure Tours are one of the most popular tour companies in the city. Their cycle and walking tours are famed for being informative, engaging, and delightfully quirky. The Jozi Coffee and History Walking (or cycling) tour is a firm favourite of both locals and international explorers. Join Micro-Adventure Tours for an epic 4km walk or cycle around the inner city. You'll visit Joburg's best niche coffee shops, including Cramers Coffee, Ornate, and Goat Coffee. Your first coffee comes free with your tour booking, which you'll certainly need to make it through the four-hour tour! Book yourself a great coffee tasting adventure here.

Taste of Yeoville

The inner city is so often overlooked due to stigma and fear. Dlala Nje is on a mission to change hearts and minds by bringing hungry foodies into the heart of Yeoville. This vibrant immigrant suburb is rich with food culture and African heritage. Come along with Dlala Nje to get a true taste of the continent. From East to West Africa, Yeoville has it all. The main highlight of the tour is a visit to the Yeoville Market and a final stop at a popular Cameroonian eatery. This is unlike any other food tour, so come prepared to expand your palate. All you'll need to bring with is an open mind, some cash to spend, and a good pair of walking shoes! Click here to make a booking.

Micro-Adventure Tours Jozi Coffee & History Walking Tour

Soweto Food and Cooking Experience

A food tour with a difference - this is what Lebo's Soweto Backpackers offers you. Rather than simply just tasting the food, you'll be helping gather, prepare, and cook your meal. Lebo's chefs will guide you through a traditional Sowetan style potjie kos cook. Firstly, you will gather up herbs and vegetables from the on-site garden. Then the chefs will instruct you on how to blend the spices, herbs and other ingredients to make a delicious meal. You will also be treated to a traditional beer tasting and a trip to the local market. Sounds like an all-round fantastic experience to us. Book yourself a spot around the fire here.

Fordsburg Street Food Tour

If you thought that you had to travel abroad to get a taste of authentic street food, think again. Eenblond Tours offers a Street Food Tour through the alleys and open-air markets of historic Fordsburg. You'll enjoy street food delights from across the globe, including Pakistan, Africa, India, Bangladesh, and Syria. Come hungry, because there is a feast of foodie treats to sample here. The tour includes stops at sit-down restaurants, as well as several market stalls and corner cafes. The tour is suitable for vegetarians and spice intolerant foodies, too. Bring your friends or family along for a fabulous day out exploring Fordsburg's food culture. You can book your spot here.

Eenblond Tours Fordsburg Street Food Tour

JoburgPlaces Foodie Tours

What brings people together? Storytelling and food, of course. JoburgPlaces offers one of the most comprehensive food tour packages. Not only will you get to taste an array of dishes but you'll be learning about the city's history along the way as well. JoburgPlaces hosts two food tours - the Pan-African Food Walking Tour and the Migrant Food Tour. The latter features either African and Middle East cuisines or Mediterranean fare. You'll travel by bus through the city to find hidden foodie gems, markets and delis. We can't imagine anything more exciting and tantalizing than this. Book your tickets here.

Do you know of any other food tours in the city? Let us know about them in the comments below!


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