Joburg Is The Cool Kid Of All Cities

Braamfontein is the epitome of the fashion trends in Joburg. Here, you can find a variety of fashionable stores. 

Joburg Is The Cool Kid Of All Cities 

Fashion In Johannesburg

Fashion in Johannesburg is a language. From classical sewing machines, rough rich fabrics and shoes made out of leather, the fashion district (Braamfontein) simply has the highest number of fashion stores and stalls in the city. 

Our Favourite Fashion Forward Places In The City

Braamfontein, The Fashion District, and Melville are the high in the realm of fashion. These areas are leaders in fabrics. Here are places to check out:

The Artivist

The Artivist, in Braamfontein, is a haven of fashion. It combines a plethora of colours and textures and is a true delight to all lovers of fashion.

The Fashion District

The Fashion District isn’t only about fashion. Get your fabric and some mouthwatering food at Fashion Shack. Its a great hangout spot where you can get drinks, food and listen to great music.

The Moral Kiosk

The Moral Kiosk hosts live performances for all to enjoy. This kiosk has a variety of vinyls and coffee. Stop by to enjoy good music and great coffee. 

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