Joburg CBD Kicks Into High Gear With A Dis-Chem On Gandhi Square

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Gandhi Square brings pharmacy chain Dis-Chem to the party.

The most important plaza in Johannesburg's central business district has grown extensively over the past decade. This grand remodelling has attracted more attractive tenants to the inner city. One such retail outlet is the mass pharmacy Dis-Chem, which is proof that inner-city regeneration is restoring faith in the city once more.

This is a great sign that the developers are doing something right. With an influx of mass retailers and restaurants in the area comes upliftment and commerce. In theory this should have a knock-on effect where it uplifts morale and secures investor interest in the CBD.

The Dis-Chem itself is big in size with self-med and prescription counters and will stock all the usual items, with regular specials.

2 comments on “Joburg CBD Kicks Into High Gear With A Dis-Chem On Gandhi Square”

  1. The staff @ the store was very helpful and very friendly from the moment i walked into shop until I walked out the door I was treated like a Queen,The staff is customer obsessed. Thank you guys n keep up the attitude

  2. Great.

    It is good to have a pharmacy around the corner from where I work.

    I just got back from maternity leave after 4 months and I learnt that there is a new Dischem Pharmacy, which is good news for me to get baby and family cosmetics.
    Does this Dischem have a weight-loss clinic ?
    If yes, what are its offerings ?

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