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Unique Fashion Statements & Hand Crafts At These Jewellery Stores

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Accessories have a way of bringing an outfit together, let's take a look at these cool and diverse Jellewery Stores in Johannesburg.

Jewellery is one thing that the majority love to wear and it's no surprise that more and more creativity keeps bringing us the best pieces to match our characters and outfits. So, we have founds some awesome jewellery stores in Joburg that will finish off that outfit like a charm.


Before we get to how unique the jewellery at these store is...

Different strokes for different folks, this old saying captures the truth of how versatile and full of character people are when picking out their pieces. This is why we have specifically selected these brands that have the most unique and handcrafted accessories around

These stores keep to the essence of creation, fashion forwardness and making a statement. Their jewellery takes the word unique to a whole new level.

Jewellery Stores in Johannesburg

Mary Jean

Mary Jean produces handmade jewellery that opens up your inner creativity and encourages you to be bold with fashion.

Their pieces tell a story of simplicity, beauty and African royalty making sure that you feel like regal and fashion forward. They have a very bold and beautiful geometric style to the way they craft the pieces. It's fresh, creative and really deserves to be called art.

Jewellery Stores in Johannesburg



Inspired by the African female and her beauty, Pichulik's designs are made with attention to detail and unique touches that make every piece stand out.

From the slightest curve or idea around shapes, they have crafted these babies to get one curious and already imagining what they could wear it with. Using the essence of the African continent such as West Africa, East Africa to bring us together for the love of jewellery.

Jewellery Stores in Johannesburg

Scarab Jewellery

When Scarab's eyes sees jewellery; they see art. If you check out their collections and pieces, you will understand why they view it as such.

The combination of their design and creativity makes it an art form. They bring the non-conventional approach of jewellery to life. Making the realities of many beautiful, bold and unique. Bespoke design is their middle name. Situated in Cape Town - you can have your gems purchased online and delivered.

Their jewellery is about pops in either colour, design or shape, giving you that stand out effect.

Jewellery Stores in Johannesburg

African Baroque

African Baroque is all about going to the deepest roots of Africa and African stories.

Their jewellery is a firm representation of the motherland and the popping colour, diversity and spunk that the continent has. They have managed to creative multiple-use pieces, as well.

They use African patterns to create their works of art. When you see their pieces, words that will without a doubt cross your mind are colour, bold and confidence. Although they are situated in Cape Town, you can purchase online.

Now that we have traveled on a journey of gems, crafts, creativity and fashion forward influences, we can fully confirm that the country is full of talent, style and finesse. So check out the beauty that these Jewellery Stores have in store for you.

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