Jem Exclusive Catering & Events

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Jem Exclusive Catering & Events offers lavish catering services to their clients. Their standard of service meets, if not surpasses, international levels. They have also worked with brand names such as Audi and Mercedes – among other prominent brands.

Jem Exclusive Catering & Events pride themselves in providing once-in-a-lifetime experiences and excellent customer service, sure to make any event one for the books! From private events such as weddings and baby showers, to corporate events such as conferences and product launches – you can expect nothing but unique and flawless catering.

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2 thoughts on “Jem Exclusive Catering & Events

  1. Hi am looking for catering team for my wedding taking place thois december 24. I ve about 80 guests how much will it cost. What do u usually make on yr menue can u list it so i can choose from

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Jem Exclusive Catering & Events is located in Krugersdorp, Johannesburg.

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