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The Little Hope That's Left Of Live Jazz In Jozi

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With all the live Jazz spots becoming a mythical land, these spots are still keeping the hope alive. Check out these spots to get the best of live music! Jazz

Anyone who listens to jazz or even loves going out to live music spots can tell you that Joburg is slowly losing its kick for live jazz music. Being a lover of jazz myself, I can most certainly tell you - it's breaking the hearts of many.

Don't you worry though, there are still a few places that are keeping the hope alive for an amazing jazz experience. Now, let's take a look at these amazing gems that still breath life into Jozi.


Untitled Basement

Situated in the busy and bustling Braamfontein sits the Untitled Basement. Many say, "never heard of it" but the music hunters know all about. If you know where Artivist is, then surely you have heard about this pot of gold.

This is where some of the best musicians in the country come to showcase their art and experiment with the soothing sultry sounds of jazz and other awesome music. An alternative live entertainment space is something that the listener does not expect. It is unique and very artistic - showcasing character that music brings to the table.

Just keep an eye out for "We Got The Jazz" which can either be on a Thursday or Friday on their Instagram.



The Marabi Club

If you are looking for a new spot where jazz still lives on with its immaculate and smooth sounds, the unexpected New Doornfontein opens its small door of mystery to The Marabi Club.

Inspired by the significant Jazz culture that New Yorks' Harlem has been known for, "Marabi" brings an electric and addictive vibe, not forgetting creativity at it's best. This mysterious spot is absolutely beautiful, the decor gives you a whiff of nostalgia.

Not only do they have good live music, their food and service is of absolute quality.

Niki's Oasis

Just for exaggeration effect, Niki's Oasis has been around since the AD's. Niki's has to be the most nostalgic environment to be in, as soon as you walk in.

This is one of the best spots to find Jazz and many other genres and performances such as spoken word. Their culture of word of mouth has kept this establishment up and running ever since and it has become a slip off the tongue name for many.

Some would call it rusty, I call it an "old soul's heaven" type of place where you just feel at home - a must visit.


The Good Luck Bar

The Good Luck Bar is situated at the 1 Fox Precinct and has become the most sought for venue for events and of course, to feed your live jazz craving.

Encouraged by the creative surrounding that The Sheds has, this space has become one that many outgoing people appreciate and creatives can relate to. If you want to find out when the next jazz sesh is, check out their social pages or just simply contact them.

Last Strum...

Right when you thought Live Jazz was done for, and Joburg comes to the rescue, let's go out and enjoy!

{Featured Image By The Marabi Club}

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