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Looking for a family-friendly restaurant that serves top quality food and offers plenty of entertainment for the kids? Visit a Papachinos branch near you to experience family-fun galore, great service and yummy eats. 

Papachinos has been in the business of family-friendly dining since 2003. Their Fourways branch set the standard for excellent service, great food and child-friendly entertainment. Papachinos now has outlets situated around Johannesburg, providing parents with the ideal all-inclusive dining experience. Bring your little ones along for a yummy dinner, fun on the playground and delectable desserts. The Papachinos experience includes dedicated supervision of your child while you enjoy your meal. They’ve also got a fantastic cocktail menu and a variety of adult-friendly dining options such as sushi, grills and spicy nachos. It’s the very best of both worlds, so the next time you’re on the hunt for a family-friendly establishment, look no further than Papachinos. Here’s what you can expect to find when you visit:

Flavours of the world

Papachino’s menu offers a taste of the world. From classic Italian and Greek, to Mexican, Portuguese, and Asian, their menu features cuisines from across the globe. There’ll be no more arguing over what type of cuisine to indulge in because there is something here for every taste and preference. The menu also caters to carb-conscious eaters, as well as vegetarians and vegans. Your whole family will leave feeling satisfied and well taken care of.

The kiddies menu is just as inspired, featuring a variety of child-friendly meals. From breakfast to dinner, there is an awesome array of finger foods, cheesy pastas and healthy alternatives packed full of nutrients. Papachino’s biggest attraction, however, is their pizza-making station. Kiddies can don an apron and learn how to roll out their very own pizza base. They can then choose from a selection of yummy toppings before loading up their creation to cook. While they wait for their pizza, they can have a blast playing with their friends or making new ones. Papachinos is all about creating happy memories, so you can rest assured that your child will be begging to go back time and time again.


Birthday celebrations 

Thanks to its family-friendly reputation, Papachinos has become one of the top kiddies birthday party venues in the city. Host a pizza party for your little one’s next birthday. It’s all the fun without the added stress of having to clean up afterwards. Plus, Papachinos’ dessert menu is the ideal birthday treat. From delicious ice cream with chocolate sauce, to decadent cheesecakes, waffles and gooey brownies, they’ve got a little something sweet for all your guests. The Papachinos experience also guarantees that your child and their friends will have a great time. Take the stress out of birthday planning by booking a table at your nearest Papachinos. You can thank us later!

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