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Amazing Interior Design For Your Little Shnookums

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Interior design has become more than just an adult thing. The little bundles are going couture with rooms to match. Take a look and be inspired by these Interior Designers for babies!

Baby Gaga Decor

One thing every parent wants for their children is joy and a good upbringing. Sometimes mamas and papas want the extra tiny bits — the cherry on top type of bits like Interior design for babies. So we're here to hook you up with cuteness overload.

Apparently, the first thing that people often think of when you mention baby language is "Googoo Gaga". So, how about Baby Gaga? One of the best in interior design, they tailor your baby's room to your specific needs and add that je ne sais quoi that will have everyone gobsmacked. Baby Gaga is situated in Fourways at the Cedar Square Shopping Centre.

Baby Belle

Baby Belle is situated in Cape Town, but we won't let that limit us, right? Well, luckily you don't have to go there to get their adorable stuff. You can just buy everything on their site and become a self established interior designer. I mean, nothing is better than knowing you can add your own personal touch, right mama? Right. 

Baby Belle actually boasts hand crafted goods, so you definitely know that you are getting your money's worth. Their pieces ooze elegance and overall cutism (cute - izim), I call it. Your nana's room will be as cute as him/her.

Baby Couture

One word to describe this boutique would be "Modern". Baby Couture is the true definition of style. Their designs really stand out. The soft textures that they add really makes a room feel like a baby's room and a comforting environment. Your little munchkin will feel all cuddled and stuff.

Parents are becoming more conscious in their decision making when it comes to their bundles of joy. This boutique will put every mama and papa at ease because it is all about quality and style. Inspired by the love of textiles, you can rest assured that they will get creative with whatever idea you might have.

They ship countrywide, so you don't have to worry about the logistics, other the envy you will be faced with when your friends come over. LOL!

Little Interiors

Mariëtte Sakelliou, the owner of Little Interiors, brings a fresh perspective to the little one's bedroom. Her designs are very lifestyle conscious, and quality driven so you don't have to ponder about how long it will last.

Her lifestyle blog is a good one to follow for some fresh ideas and inspiration to add some adorable touches to the room — maybe even encourage you to do something unique with your own room.

The boutique boasts variety, so you will be spoiled for choice, without a doubt.

Find more places to splurge on your baby.


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