Indoors Or Out, Beautify Your Home With Prominent Paints This Christmas


Along with decorating your home with loads of tinsel and Christmas decorations to welcome the festive season, why not go the full nine yards and give your home a makeover with a new coat of paint? To get you started, Prominent Paints has a few tips to make the process easier with stunning results.  

While interior and exterior paints have similar properties, they also have a few differences. For the best results possible, it’s important to choose the correct paint for the job. A quality interior paint will have a low VOC level, which lowers odour when painting indoors. Whereas paint for the interior needs to be hard-wearing and washable, exterior paints must endure damaging UV rays and be flexible to bridge cracks, be fungal resistant, and have low dirt retention.

That’s a lot to consider when picking your paint! But thanks to Prominent Paints, choosing the right paint and colours is a breeze. Here are a few handy tips when choosing paint:

  • Pay Attention To Surface Preparation

Always sand and prepare surfaces properly before painting – it could be the difference between success and a DIY disaster.  Choosing the correct primer for the substrate is equally important: a universal undercoat doesn’t perform well on newly plastered walls but is good for primed steel as an intermediate coat. Prominent Select Plaster Primer is an alkali-resistant, solvent-based primer for cement plaster, rhinolite, gypsum plaster and board surfaces. Walls must be clean and dry before starting.

Prominent Paints

  • Choose The Right Finish For Your Room

With plenty of finishes available today, the choice can be as difficult as choosing a colour. A good rule of thumb is to first consider the area being painted. Matt paints give off a smooth yet stylish finish, hiding blemishes on the wall surface. Both Premium eggshell and Premium non-drip enamel are easy to clean and have good stain resistance, while high-gloss paint has a very shiny finish. High traffic areas need a durable, ‘scrubbable’ paint that resists stains and marring. Semi-gloss paints are suitable for high moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms or children’s playrooms where additional cleaning is needed.


  • Choose A Quality Interior Or Exterior Paint

Choosing a superior quality paint not only makes the job of painting a room easier, but it also ensures a long-lasting result. The Prominent Paints Premium Range of paints have been researched and trusted by generations to last 12 years or longer! Prominent Paints Premium Range is tough, durable, washable, UV-resistant, and can be tinted to any colour of your choice.

Prominent Paints

Now that you have chosen your paint and decided on a colour scheme, here are a few more fast tips on how to properly paint your room/walls:

  • Always mix the paint thoroughly with a flat paddle before pouring into the paint tray.
  • If working with different paint colours, slip the paint tray into a plastic bag and pour the paint onto the bag. Remove the bag and pour the paint into the clean tray when a colour change is required.
  • Never dilute paint to get more coverage. This only compromises quality and lowers adhesion strength, and will also compromise many of the properties of the product, such as ‘scrubbability’, stain resistance, opacity and adhesion strength. You can contact Prominent Paints for more advice on this.
  • Before painting, always wash the roller in clean water to remove traces of fluff. Spin dry the roller to remove excess water; then hang up to dry thoroughly.
  • When applying paint, cut around cornices, ceilings, skirtings and corners first, and then fill in with a roller.
  • Stick to the drying times indicated on the paint container before applying a subsequent coat. This will ensure proper coverage and a quality, professional finish.

For More Information

For more information about Prominent Paints or help on picking the correct paints for your space, visit, call the customer care line on 0861 77 66 46, or email

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