Indian Motorcycles Comes To Melrose Arch

Motorcycle building legends Indian Motorcycles has set up their first official retail store at Melrose Arch. Here’s what you need to know.

The legendary American muscle motorcycle builders, Indian Motorcycles has finally set up shop in Joburg. Now local wheelmen can get their Scout fix at the Melrose Arch branch of this iconic motorcycle shop. The store is filled with all things Indian Motorcycles. From riding gear and accessories to the latest bobbers released by the manufacturer, can be found at 5 High Street in Melrose Arch. The shop’s design is off the charts beautiful and a bike (and Indian) enthusiast’s dream.

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To boot, Indian Motorcycles South Africa has partnered with Legacy Lifestyle (the hospitalities group behind the Michelangelo Hotel) and its rewards program. By swiping your card at a Legacy Lifestyle partner – such as Indian Motorcycles in Melrose Arch – you will receive cash back discounts which can be used at any Legacy resorts or hotels. According to CEO and owner Bryan Berger, this is the first of many dealerships to be opened for the Indian Motorcycle brand in South Africa.

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A Scout Was Born

During the Great Depression, Indian turned to styling updates and cosmetic improvements to maintain the interest of customers in the face of declining sales. Indian had already gone to a more graceful gas tank and stylish fenders by the late 1920s, and introduced skirted fenders and a saddle tank in 1932, which hid the frame and foretold the profile of the “modern” motorcycle. A long and graceful chain guard was introduced as well. Despite of being born during the toughest time in recorded history, Indian Motorcycles raised to the top and showed that it can withstand any punishment – just like their machines.

The 2018 Indian Scout Bobber

With a slammed stance, super chopped fenders and stripped down to the bare essentials, the all-new Indian Scout Bobber is a thing of beauty. Finished in all-black, an engine polished to high heaven, and a growl deeper than any African lion, this bike is something that will have the heads turning for more than one reason.


Engine Type: Liquid-Cooled V-Twin
Displacement: 69 cu in
Electronic Fuel Injection System: Closed loop fuel injection / 60 mm bore
Horsepower: 100 hp (74.7 kW)
Peak Torque: 73 ft-lbs (97.7 Nm)
Peak Torque RPM: 6000 rpm


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