In Case You Missed It – The Global Casa Corona Festival

For all the Good Vibes lovers this was a definite must, chilled vibes filled with food, an over flow of drinks and of course a silent concert to shut it all down all weekend long. 

In Case You Missed It - The Global Casa Corona Festival

It Was An Unmissable Experience

This Casa Corona Festival did exactly that, it shut down The Nirox Sculpture Park as it was brought to a standstill this past weekend. When the inaugural Casa Corona experience kicked off to mark the Winter Solstice on Friday 21st June. The 2019 Winter Solstice took centre stage as a select number of guests took in the breath-taking sunset that heralds the official count-down to Summer in the Southern Hemisphere as days get longer with each passing day.


The Highlights Of The Day

If you didn’t put it on the ‘Gram were you really there? We think not! Well, for those who are Instagram lovers, always sharing their experiences, stories and amazing sunset pictures we can safely say y’all were in for a treat. Because not only did the festival give those who attended an amazing experience, it also allowed them the opportunity to learn a thing or two about taking pictures and which apps to use when doing so, to make their pictures worthy. As if Casa Corona didn’t give us an amazing time already they had to add iPhonography tutorials, because the sky is the limit when it comes to taking pictures and ways to go about creating timeline worthy experiences, the options are endless if you ask me.


From iPhonography tutorials, outdoor movie experiences, Corona cocktail-making classes to a silent concert experience, the event was well curated to ensure that those who chose not to hibernate in winter, to get the chance to really live it up Corona style. Influences by the themes from Mexico, France and Spain, Casa Corona emulates a “Paradise in the City” look and feel, and that’s all we needed in the city. It was a paradise to escape to and live unforgettable moments at sunset. Casa Corona is full of immersive experiences where consumers can enjoy the perfect winter sunset with a Corona and a lime in one had.


Who Did You Miss At The Event

To close it all off Mpho Sebina graced us with her amazing presence and performed amazing sounds, it was up close and personal because it was a silent concert. She definitely left people begging for more. If the following day wasn’t Monday I am pretty certain a lot of us would have stayed there all night long, it was that good! For those who were there and for those who were not there, I think we can all agree that this festival set social media abuzz this past weekend, with the #FindYourSunset and your faves posting left, right and centre.



Were you there? Share your experience down below, let’s hear it!

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