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How To Save Mobile Data

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Everything is becoming more and more expensive and we all need to save where we can. This includes mobile data, of course. Have a look at our prim and proper tips on how to save on your phone's data usage (if this doesn't help you, maybe you should take a break from YouTube). FotorCreatedfdksgflwqdg

Turn Off Push Notifications

Not quite sure what push notifications are? These are notifications sent to you through applications such as Facebook, Candy Crush and Instagram, to name a few. Because of this, your phone is in constant communication with these applications to keep you up-to-date with whatever is happening. though this has its perks, it always eats away at your phone's cap without you knowing. Here's how sort it out: settings/more/application manager/tap the app/untick show notifications.

Restrict Background Data

This trick saves you a tonne of data. Without you knowing it, the applications on your phone make contact with their respective servers in the background By restricting background data, your phone is blocking those apps from sending and receiving data UNLESS they are being used. This means that all those comments on the photos of your cats won't load until you physically open the application. Here's how to sort it out: Settings/data usage/restrict background data/OK.

Compress Chrome Pages

If you are using Google Chrome as your default browser, then this trick will stretch your data by at least 30 %. What it does is compress the data uploaded from web pages to your phone. There's a slight drop in quality but you can definitely save on data. Here's how to sort it out: Open Chrome, settings/data saver/on.


Caching Google Maps

You can download an area in Google Maps so that it uses less data when navigating to your destination. Not only does this save you mobile data, it also improves the experience if you’re travelling through a low reception area. This is also a neat trick to use before leaving a Wi-Fi hotspot when travelling into unknown territory. Here's how to sort it out: Open Google Maps/ type 'OK maps' into the search bar/OK.

Stream Through Opera Max

We barely use this browser but it's about time we do so. Opera offers a data saving browser called Opera Max which is exclusive to Android and compresses all streamed data before it reaches your phone. Nifty, right? Here's how to sort it out: Just install Opera Max from the Google Play Store. There you go.



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