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How To Plan A Child's Virtual Birthday Party During Lockdown

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Social gatherings are unfortunately still prohibited in level 3 lockdown. But this doesn’t mean your little one should go without celebrating their birthday. Virtual birthday parties are becoming the norm as we practice physical distancing, so why not organise an online get-together? Not sure where to begin planning a virtual birthday party? Read on to find out!  birthday party

1. Explain Why They Can’t Have A Normal Birthday Party 

We are sure that you’ve sat the kids down for the ‘big talk’ about COVID-19 already, but you may have to recap a few things when it comes to chatting to them about their birthday party. Explain again why their friends and family can’t come over for a party, using as few words as possible so as not to scare them. If you have older kids, they should be able to understand the implications of physically distancing themselves. Talk to them about how they would like to celebrate their birthday instead, making a list of the friends they would like to invite to their virtual party. 

2. Set A Theme

The best part about hosting a birthday shindig is organising the theme. Ask your birthday king or queen what they would like the theme to be. Thankfully, under level 3 lockdown, all retail is allowed, so you can go out shopping for a few decorations. Alternatively, repurpose old decorations from previous birthdays for a mish-mash theme. The important thing is to make this a joyous occasion to be remembered. Set up a few party games to play with the birthday boy or girl and invite their friends to join in from their homes. Check out the video below for 10 Zoom birthday party game ideas to get the fun started:

3. Send Out The Invites

Don’t forget to invite all the virtual guests to the party! There’s nothing more awkward than joining a video conference all by yourself, so don’t let your little one suffer that fate on their birthday. You can send out electronic invitations to all their friends or create a WhatsApp chat group to let everybody know what your plans are. If you’re feeling creative, design a special e-invite using a free site like Canva. Alternatively, contact an e-invite company to create a personalised invitation to send out via email, WhatsApp or direct message. Be sure to set a definite date and time so your guests know when to join the birthday video chat. Also make sure that all your guests have access to the video calling platform you will be using. The last thing you want is to hassle with technical glitches on the big day! 

4. The Cake

No birthday is complete without a cake. If you are a regular Martha Stewart, whip up a birthday cake at home. Get baking supplies delivered to your door from Fresch Online if you would rather not leave the house. They stock an assortment of flours, including gluten-free varieties. If it’s pans, moulds or decorating tools you’re after, check out Takealot.com’s range of bakeware essentials. Just remember to place your orders in good time to ensure that you have ample time to bake the cake before the party kicks off. Alternatively, you could show your support to a local bakery by ordering a cake for delivery or collection. With less cleaning up to do, you’ll have more time to dote on the birthday person.


5. Presents

Seeing that their friends will not be able to bring presents to the virtual birthday party, you may have to do a little extra spoiling. But this doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune on gifts. Show your child special attention leading up to their birthday by doing the things they want to do. This could be anything from a DIY pamper day with mom, to a movie day in bed or setting up a picnic in your garden. However, if you do want to treat the birthday baby with prezzies, visit the Toy Factory Shop online for budget-friendly toys and direct delivery. You may also consider gifting your child with a set of new winter clothes. Check out these stores to get your hands on winter jackets, character tees and kiddies boots. 

We know that mommies and daddies might be celebrating a birthday in lockdown, too. Check out our Lockdown Birthday Guide For Adults to help you plan out your big day. 

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