How To Get Fighting Fit

It’s been said before that the best boxers are addicted to training in the same way some people are addicted to drugs. This is your call to become obsessed with improving yourself physically.



Don’t go from zero to a 100 without warming up the engine first – you’ll blow a seal in a matter of seconds. Start by jumping rope at a fair pace for 60 seconds and taking 30 seconds breaks in between reps. Do at least three of these before you start your workout routine.


Cardiovascular strength is what makes or break any fighter. Forget about upper or lower body prowess or how much you can bench – those things don’t matter if you don’t have the heart to keep the muscles moving. For the best cardio workout, run uphill at full pace for three minutes and then run back down but backwards. This is a technique used by Rocky Marciano. He would do this over and over and over again until he couldn’t move any more… and that guy didn’t lose a fight in his life.

More Cardio

Another way of improving your heart rate while building your punching strength is to submerge shoulders deep into a pool and throw punches. Do this until you can’t any more. No sissie throws, each punch needs to be harder than the last. The idea is to have a Spartan blush in shame when he sees what you can accomplish. Keep that in mind.

Core Workout

The centre of your body is where your balance comes from. Have you ever seen those videos on YouTube in which road ragers get knocked out with a single punch? Yeah, this is the main reason why. Well, that and having a terrible jaw. Sit ups, crunches and push ups. No repeat this: If I don’t want to fall down a lot I need to do sit ups, crunches and push ups. Besides, girls love those washboard abs. So start preparing for December 2016 today. Start by doing two sets of 10 of each and then gradually increasing the reps as you grow stronger.


Upper Body

Yeah yeah, this is the real reason why you’re here. Who can blame you – bench pressing is a lot fun. The best way to go about this is to train the individual muscle groups. Without going all Latin on you, let’s just refer to the workouts, eh. Let’s start with eight reps of three sets of straight chest presses. Do the same reps and sets with chest flies, one arm rows and bent over rows. These will greatly improve your strength.

Lower Body

Is that moans and groans we hear? Bro, it’d be a sin for us to let you skip leg day. There are few things funnier than a man whose upper body is not in proportion with his lower. Besides, how can you expect to float like a butterfly if you have match sticks for legs. Let’s get to it. Start with eight reps of full bar bell squats, gradually increasing the weights as you increase in strength. Let’s kick it up a notch by doing 10 reps of three barbell lunges. Don’t worry, it’ll be worth it in the end. End leg day with two reps of 10 single leg dead lifts. Wasn’t too bad, now was it?


This will most likely be the hardest fight in getting fit. But fret not because pasta is okay. Depending on your height and overall weight, most boxers follow a marathon runner’s diet of slow releasing carbs. You need to eat as if you’ll be running 10 kilometres tomorrow. Keep that in mind. And to boot, run 10 kilometres tomorrow just because you can. Try to take in your protein from food instead of store bought shakes. We’re not telling you to go eat an entire cow here. In fact, red meat doesn’t have as much protein in it as some grains such a quinoa do, so do your research.

Remember, this is just a little push to get you started and not a complete how-to-get-super-ripped-in-five-days guide or something. Consult a health practitioner because they have way more pull than a journalist. If you don’t want to hit the training alone, why not show this article to a friend. Let’s all get fighting fit before spring arrives.

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By Shawn Greyling




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