How to Encourage your Child to Read

Reading is one of the most important skills a child should learn. Here are some tips to get them turning pages…

I love to read
I love to read

Motivating children to read can be a mammoth task for every parent; there are myriad reasons children see this as a chore. Trying to pique the interest of a new reader means making the activity a combined effort and one that is fun.

Start off with reading something that interests your child. Traditional literature is not necessary at the beginning. Magazines, comic books, TV guides… whatever, the idea is to get your child to be interested and excited to read. Even if it means joining the e-reading generation.

Make reading a daily bedtime routine. Let it become as interactive as possible. Haul out your acting skills and make it dramatic. Children learn best when multiple senses are utilised. Allow your child to complete sentences or find words with similar pronunciations. The added benefit of this is having uninterrupted quality time with your child.

Incentivising your child to read also proves to be encouraging. Extending bedtime to 30 minutes later than normal – provided that time is spent reading – often works or having a treat once a week based on the minutes spent reading, is also something to consider.

For me, having my children watch me read as a leisurely activity has proven to be a great inspiration. My daughter loves to devour a book a week and its now become a friendly competition between us. Lead by example and your kids are sure to emulate.

By Tivania Moodley

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