How To Break In Your Shoes

A girl needs to spoil herself with a pair of new shoes every now and then. But new shoes often hurt your feet, taking some of the pleasure away with the pain. Here are five tips on how to break your shoes in. You’ll thank us!


Soak Them

If your shoes are made of leather, spray the inside with a mix of rubbing alcohol and water. Wear them for about 20 to 30 minutes. This allows the shoes to mould to your natural foot shape.

Ice Them

To gradually expand and widen your shoes, fill them with bags of water and place them in the freezer overnight. Be sure the bags of water are secured from leakage.

Wear Them In

Wear thick soaks then wear your shoes in the house while doing chores or just lazying around. This way you get used to the feel of the shoe as it gradually moulds to your foot and you avoid blisters.

Heat Them Up

On a fairly high temperature, blow dry in and around your shoes to help them expand. Do this for a few minutes, really helps with leather shoes but be careful with flammable fabrics.

Ease Into Them

Instead of wearing your shoes for the whole day and risk getting blisters, wear them for shorter periods of time. So don’t wear them to work, put them on for your dinner date which is a few hours vs a whole day. Be patient and soon you’ll be able to run in them!

Know other ways to break in new shoes? Let us know below!

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