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How Should You Be Engaging With Your Event Attendees?

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Engaging with and exciting your attendees is an important step in creating a successful event. Here are some ways you can interact with your guests on the day.

Marketing a successful event doesn't just stop once the tickets are sold. You want to actively be engaging with your attendees throughout the day.

There are several tactics you can employ to enhance the experience and enjoyment of your attendees.  It's all about promoting connection and entertainment to encourage engagement.

1. The Big One: Social Media

It's all about that UGC. What is that, you ask. UGC stand for user generated content and its when you effectively get your attendees to create marketing material for you. How do you do that? By getting them excited enough to post on social media about your event. One of the most obvious tactics is to create a hashtag for the day that people use when they're posting.

By now your event should have its own social media accounts and pages and a handle that people can find it with. During the event, be sure to engage with those using your hashtag, share live updates, and repost attendee content. Consider placing placards around the venue listing your hashtag and social media accounts to make it easy for people to find. You can also run a competition throughout the day where an attendee that engages with you on social media can win a prize.


2. Tactical Opportunities

Prompt your attendees to interact and post by creating fun photo opportunities on the day. It could be as simple as a photo frame on a wall or cardboard cutout that they can stand in front of and take pictures. Add your event name and hashtag to promote your brand on the day. If you have an MC or host, ask them to remind attendees to take photos and post them.

3. Send Emails Before & After Your Event

Emails are a simple and budget-friendly way to reach your attendees before and after your event. Before the event starts, send out an email to drum up excitement. Include any social media links with hashtags and images you think they may find interesting and can use to keep up to date with you. After the event finishes send out thank you emails to your attendees to show your appreciation and make them feel valued.

4. Ask For Event Feedback

Once the event concludes, ask your attendees for feedback on what they enjoyed or didn’t enjoy about it. This will increase the engagement between them and your brand. It also gives them the opportunity to contribute through sharing their opinion. Asking for feedback is an invaluable way to gain insight on what you did right, and what can be improved in future.

5. Go For Localised Marketing

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