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The Best Tech Gadgets For Kids

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A good chunk of modern parenting is spent keeping up with the best tech gadgets for kids. When it comes to choosing a gadget, as parents, we’re less concerned with what’s new and more with what’s educational, durable and affordable. 

The tech toy industry covers everything from tablets to gaming consoles to revamped old-school toys. The technical sophistication of some of these toys is so advanced you might feel like you’re caught up in a higher-grade computer science lesson. And it seems there is always a newer, updated version available. To help you choose a gadget that won’t just end up on a shelf gathering dust, here’s a list of some of the most popular and well-loved tech toys around.

Anki Cars

Anki Cars are essentially the A.I. version of the beloved Skylectric. Each Anki Supercar is a self-aware robot with the ability to learn each new track you build. Once you’ve downloaded the iOS or Android app, where you’ll be able to see each car’s unique features like turbo boost, weapons and lane-changing ability, you’re set to start racing. The A.I runs the car, which means it’s not necessary to endlessly hold down an ignition button. Anki Cars require a relatively high-tech setup and seem to have taken the gadget industry by storm. These tech-savvy automobiles are likely to become one of those enjoyed by dads and kids alike. The Anki Overdrive Starter Kit includes two cars, a charging dock and a track that can be converted into eight different battlefields and can be purchased online at Takealot.


We all know that kids love phones with the sounds, vibrations and flashing colours but there can be some concerns with young children playing with real phones. A toy phone allows them the fun of pretending to be on the phone like a grown up, as well as the stimulation and learning a phone provides without the use of a real phone. The YPhone USB Rechargeable Toy Play Cell Phone is a toy phone intended for children between the ages of two and five. This toy has working buttons, sounds and lights to stimulate your child's imagination. This device will also encourage children to learn comprehension and listening and help them learn numbers and colours. You can get the YPhone at Amazon.


Kurio-Advance Tablet

This tablet is designed for younger children of about three years of age. It can connect to your TV and features 19 games that uses motion technology so kids need to move their bodies to play, creating some active fun for the little ones. The technology also allows parents to control what their kids may or may not see and parents can even set weekly time limits on the device. The Kurio is available at Takealot.

LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker

The LeapFrog LeapBand is a healthy choice and one of the few gadgets that doesn't require your little one to stare at a screen. The YPhone has its place to keep the kiddos occupied and sitting still but it’s refreshing to come across a tech toy that simply demands physical activity. Essentially a kiddie version of a Fitbit crossed with the old-school idea of a Tamagotchi, it’s a great motivator to get little bodies moving. This device can be found on Amazon.


Osmo Genius Kit

This is a great educational buy. The Osmo Kit works on the iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Air 1st generation, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 9.7-inch and iPad 5th Generation. This accessory has five games; numbers, tangram, newton, words and masterpiece. Each of these games allows kids to learn maths, shapes, science, language and art in a fun and interactive way. This kit can be bought at Amazon.

Nintendo 2DS XL

The Nintendo 2DS XL is the perfect gift from a video-gaming dad to a video-gaming child. It’s compatible with 3DS and many DS games in 2D and more durable than most of these, or an iPhone for that matter. Another huge thumbs-up is Nintendo’s child-friendly content that gives you peace of mind that your little one won’t come across any games with offensive content. This gaming console can be purchased on Takealot.


Smart R2-D2

Star Wars is still a hit among many of us so it’s no surprise that the Smart R2-D2 is still one of the most popular tech toys. The droid pairs with an iOs or Android app that then functions as a remote control. The Smart R2-D2 can dance, drive around, make a series of sounds and even go into guard mode. There is also a set of mission games that is a real lesson in programming routes and add an educational twist to this well-loved collectible droid. This droid is available on Amazon.

3Doodler Start Set

The 3Doodler is a 3D pen that melts eco-plastic into a stream that can then be used to draw 3D shapes. This particular 3D pen is made for kids and has no heated elements and the plastic hardens instantly making this pen safe for kids. This is a wonderful tool to allow kids to be creative and to make their own personalised toys and novelties while teaching them about "design, planning, building and spacial understanding". This set comes with a 3D pen, a pack of eco-plastic, a charger and a guide. You can get this cool set at wantitall.

3d pen

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