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HospiceWits Opens Charity Store In Parkhurst

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We caught up with Joy Ruwodo, marketing manager of HospiceWits to chat about their new charity shop which opened in Parkhurst. Have a read and show your support in store.   

What's the link between HospiceWits and the charity stores? 

What many people may not know is the connection between HospiceWits and our charity stores. HospiceWits has been in existence for 38 years, providing the highest quality care and support to families that are on the journey of a life-threatening illness. This is done in a compassionate environment at our in-patient units in Houghton and Soweto, as well as through our extensive home-based care program. One of the ways in which we raise funds to provide support and encouragement to families is through our charity stores that sell previously loved items in Orange Grove, Cresta, Kensington, Parkmore and now Parkhurst.

Why Parkhurst, and what's the new HospiceWits shop about?

HospiceWits opened the doors of its new Legacy Shop in the heart of trendy Parkhurst during October 2016. Since then, the store has become a wonderful meeting and shopping spot in the area, bringing together people from all walks of life.

How's the reception been at the new store?

Our premium Parkhurst shop offers a wide variety of quality collectibles and merchandise from vintage items and homeware to gents’ and ladies’ wear. The store buzzes during lunch time as employees from the local shops and businesses squeal with delight over the finds of the day. A few shoppers come several times a week because they cannot resist the thrill of the treasure hunt – there are always new and exquisite arrivals to treat oneself on. Friends meet at the shop for cappuccino and shopping while the bookshop often has someone reading on our antique chair with their little one paging through picture books on the carpet. A local guesthouse owner loves our beautiful tea sets, tiered cake stands and lovely ornaments that add character to her high tea table set up. The boys in blue visit us often because they too love beautiful clothes when they are out of uniform. Whenever they are off duty, they pop in with a loud booming greeting, “What’s new, aunty”? A famous photographer, radio presenter and podcaster recently added character to his studio with some of our antique furniture. There is no end to the treasures that one can find in our store.

How can the community get more involved with HospiceWits?

While we have graciously received many generous donations, we would so appreciate more items. We appeal to the community to look into their wardrobes, garages and homes to find those precious items that are no longer of use to them. Those “when I get thin” outfits, the heaps of items stashed in the upper section of wardrobes and the excess furniture that is clogging up space in their garages. Simply give us a call and we will collect to add to our beautiful blend of pre-loved and new items. We also invite the community to drop in and come and find their own treasures to take home. The store is fresh, clean and beautiful and you will not regret paying us a visit. Very soon we will be greeting you by name with a warm welcome as you return for your next adventure. We are sincerely grateful to our existing loyal client base that enables us to care for thousands of patients on an ongoing basis.

Interview By Shawn Greyling

Have you been to the new HospiceWits store in Parkhurst? Let us know what you think of it in the comments section below. Sharing is caring so show a buddy this article on social media. 

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