You Will Be Amazed At What We Have In Store For You

It’s Amazeballs! Have some fun at the Honeydew Mazes walking through riddles you need to solve to get to your final destination.

Honeydew Mazes Johannesburg

If you are struggling to find something fun and unique to do then you have come to the right place. Let’s talk about the Honeydew Mazes.

Yes! You heard right, there is a maze in Joburg and you don’t have to go far to be part of the fun and mazeness. The Honeydew Mazes are loved by many and offers plenty of entertainment perfect for some family fun, team building and personalised activities.

Honeydew Mazes Johannesburg

Get Into The Maze

Firstly, let us start off by saying, we will never realise how exciting mazes are until you experience it. So, we encourage you to try it out.

Honeydew Mazes Johannesburg

Why these mazes are the bomb dot com you ask? Well! Over the years, the Honeydew Mazes has grown, and not only in size but in innovation, introducing different designs to switch things up and make us live in an even more exciting reality.

They have been doing mazes that are inspired by the world and animals. We’re talking bees, sharks, the globe, even a mermaid inspired maze.

Honeydew Mazes Johannesburg

They have tried ensure that they create a fun experience for everyone who walks into their amazing spot. You can also choose to have a summer experience.

More reason for you to be intrigued and head on to the West.

Something For The Night

Honeydew Mazes aren’t only open during the day, they also have what they call ‘Moonlight Mazes’. These mazes are on select days so make sure you contact them for more details about these.

You get to enjoy the sunset before the fun begins. You can explore in teams of four, and are more than welcome to bring your torches and picnic baskets.

A beautiful element that you might get to see is the bonfire.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Honeydew Mazes is great for team building and offers a great package for the teams. You get to choose based on how many hours you want to wander.

There are a number of activities that come with the package including lunch, fun games, and of course, the master experience of taking a detour onto their mazes. On arrival, teams are welcomed to tea and coffee and then briefed on how the games work.

It’s a great way to really push the team to be a team and still have fun.

Honeydew Mazes Johannesburg

The Kids Will Love It

The kids are going to love this one without a doubt. Honeydew Mazes offers a kids’ party and a school outing package filled with adventure and fun activities.

These include a prize giving as well as ice-cream after lunch.

So, whoever it may be, you will surely have fun here. So, just take some time out and do something to give your mental strength a boost. Whether it’s family or friends, they will love it.

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