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Honey Fashion Accessories

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Since 1995 years Honey Fashion Accessories has made women feel great, not only about themselves but also about friends, family and their community. Honey is a dynamic, innovative and exciting direct-to-customer company that trades in luxurious, high-quality, affordable fashion accessories. The Honey range of products includes jewellery – rings and things -, watches and bags. Honey's affordable elegance makes it possible to be beautiful everyday.

One of Honey's unique qualities is the business opportunity offered to women. Since 1995 more than 300 women have successfully grown and managed their own businesses within the Honey family and the network is growing in leaps and bounds each year. The Honey Business Opportunity is a comprehensive opportunity for women to grow financially, emotionally and socially. "Honey changed my life," says Jeanine Stocker, a Honey Mentor who has successfully turned the Honey Opportunity into a thriving business, "one of its greatest joys, apart from the financial returns, is to see other women, some without other means, become financially emancipated".

Honey is about passion, about beauty, about timeless elegance and cutting edge trends but most importantly it's a celebration of women in all their complexity and splendour.

To view the latest Honey Catalogue, or to learn about the Business Opportunity, please contact Roleen by clicking on the contact details alongside.


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