Holi Cow

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Yudhika Sujanani’s creation to escape and taste the finest coffee, tea and cake is named Holi Cow. The restaurant/ café is a reflection of eclectic taste and admiration for all things beautiful. Named after the sacred cow, mother of the world, as believed so in India, Holi Cow follows an akin philosophy of taking simple ingredients and transforming them into delicious meals that satisfy and hearten souls. The meals are freshly prepared all the time. The Holi Cow restaurant/ café is very homey and welcoming. One can look forward to a lovely meal as though they are in the comfort of their own home.

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Holi Cow is located on Kingfisher Drive, situated in Fourways.


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BindyBoo1 Says:

My weekly fix of crab curry from this place. They only do takeaway, but do deliver. Their crab curry is so scrumptious. Plus they have other heavenly curries, home made pies and sweet treats.

Jules M Says:

Yudhika has got to be the best Indian cook around, and certainly the most charismatic. Her evening Indian cookery classes are absolute gems, followed by a sit down meal. The classes are announced on...

brentm415 Says:

Found this little gem of a take-out after driving past it for about three years. They advertise on Facebook so best is to friend them there. Unbelievable curries of all shapes and sizes and if you...

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