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Here’s How To Keep You And Your Dog Entertained at Home

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We all know that all dogs want to do is play. So why not keep them busy around the house? All the doggies will love these play date ideas, can we get a 'woof-woof'? 

Hide and Treat

This is a little game we like to call Hide and Treat - you place treats around the house for your dog to find! When they find the treats they are rewarded by eating them. By playing this game you will help to create new routines in your dog's day-to-day life.

Maybe Take A Walk Around The House

Dog walks are important and beneficial to both dogs and humans. We're all indoors and our fur babies are growing a little impatient with just lazing around the house, but being indoors is no excuse to not take a walk with your dog around the house!

Dog Toys Are For Hoomans Too

When it comes to buying dog toys, go for a toy that you and your dog can play with together. Try out interactive toys, maybe even one of those fun food dispensing toys we’ve seen everywhere online. Playing with interactive toys helps mentally stimulate them, and the same goes for you.

How About You School Your Dog?

People usually take their dogs to obedience training classes. But since you're home the internet is here to save the day! You can try a few YouTube training videos to just help you along the way. These videos will help you communicate better with your dog and teach your dog how to sit, how to fetch and many other tricks.

Dog Play Dates

If you have more than one dog, then this is definitely something you should do at home. Getting your pets to interact and get along with each other is important! To help them feel more familiar and comfortable with each other, you need to allow them to play together and share toys.

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