You Say Tomato We Say Hello Tomato

There’s nothing like tucking into a hearty pasta, sinking your teeth into a cheesy pizza and crunching into a fresh salad, which is exactly why we’re loving Hello Tomato. 


Italy is known for its amazing cuisine and that’s how Hello Tomato came about. This New York inspired spot strives to make the best and most authentic Italian pizza and pasta for all the “Joburgers“.

Launched in November 2015 John Khoury and Gerry Thomas of John and Gerry’s brands created Hello Tomato to revolutionise the fast-casual dining experience in South Africa. Drawing on elements of authentic modern Italian eating, Hello Tomato is affordable and unpretentious – just the way we like it!

Fresh ingredients are key to the Hello Tomato experience and they make sure that your pizza is ‘mouthwateringly’ something to remember. Their specialty thin crust pizza is one the favourites and became a hit quite quicktly. They really care about what their customers think about their food – continually updating their menu and replacing the bottom four meals that aren’t the best sellers so you can expect something fresh, unique and awesome the next time you pay them a visit.

Their menu covers all tastes, so even the fussiest of eaters will be sure to find something, from carnivores and veggie-lovers to those on diet or with gluten allergies. Dishes include cheesy pizzas, topping-heavy pizzas, comforting pasta, generous savoury bakes, flavourful chicken dishes and fresh salads. Hello Tomato pizzas come in two sizes: regular (which would be a large anywhere else – these guys do not skimp on portions) and continental, which can feed a family of four without blushing. We highly recommend the lamb, mint and caramelised onion pizza – it’s so, so, so good. On Sundays, Hello Tomato will throw in a free white or red sangria for any two meals ordered as sit-in.

End your meal on a sweet note with divine frozen custard. Think Oreo cookies, flaked chocolate, banana or peanut brittle blended with a decadent fudge, chocolate hazelnut, Tiramisu or caramel-infused sauce… Instead of scoffing down your entire main, get some of it for leftovers if you don’t have a specialised dessert stomach like we do. You don’t want to miss out on this.

Now tell me why you would want to deny yourself of such goodness, let alone share it with a loved one or something. Hello Tomato is absolutely divine and worth the visit.

Visit Hello Tomato 

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