Hello Pretty: Africa’s Premier Designer Market

If you haven’t already heard or browsed the site… let us introduce you to South Africa’s first online market. 

Hello Pretty

Finally local designers have a place to showcase and sell their work online. From handmade leather bags to custom designed jewellery Hello Pretty bridges the gap between the consumer and creator by providing a friendly, helpful and trustworthy space for eCommerce to take place.
Hello Pretty boasts over 1 800 unique designers selling their ware. This unique marketplace puts the designers in contact with potential buyers across the country, as opposed to selling their items at a weekend market where the foot count and word of mouth is often limited.

Hello Pretty is run and managed by a small group of individuals who are passionate about authentic and brilliant design. The idea is to encourage people to take up design and to empower small businesses. To date, Hello Pretty has fed over R8 million into the South African economy through its website.

The site allows consumers to engage with the designers and to find out more about their products. All products are authentic and breaks away from the mass produced items often found in chain stores. It’s all about authentic design and individual creativity. The items available for purchase are vast and ranges from furniture to clothing to food to stationary and more.


Have you shopped at Hello Pretty before? Let us know in the comments section below, and also show this to someone who enjoys authentic and brilliant designs.

By Shawn Greyling

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