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Heartwarming Desserts To Try Out At Home

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With the weather getting rather chilly, we are all seeking warmth and comfort. Try these heartwarming desserts to keep you warm through the colder seasons.

Grilled Fluffernutter

Easy to do at home, first up on our list is this amazing treat. You can make this at any time of the day, when you just feel like indulging. Grab all you need from your pantry and get cooking. This nostalgic dessert has all the stuff we love, including marshmallow fluff, peanut butter and chocolate chips.

Photo Cred: Certified Pastry Aficionado

Vegan Apple Hand Pies

Here is something for the vegans! These Vegan Apple Hand Pies are perfect for those times you want an indulgent dessert but don't feel like baking for hours. Using just a few pantry staples, you'll be tucking into the flaky pastry and warm apples in no time.

Photo Cred: Brit + Co

Deep Fried Pineapples Rings

Want to travel to a tropical island in the comfort of your own home? Well, you can with this sweet and crunchy recipe. Cut up your pineapple rings and dip in coconut flake batter. Fry those babies up, and serve with some pina colada sauce. Check out this recipe for more details.

Photo Cred: Delish.com

Apple Pie Taco

Apple desserts are perfect for any kind of day, especially if you just want to cocoon at home and indulge in something delicious. But, this time round we're having tacos, for the perfect crunchiness and balance of sweetness all in one bite. Drizzle it with warm custard sauce for the perfect finish.

Photo Cred: Bosh!

Chai Mug Cake

Anything served in a mug is bound to make us feel a bit warm and cosy inside. What is better than a cake in a mug? This is the perfect treat because it makes just enough for you. For the recipe, click here!

Photo Cred: Taste

Malva Pudding

This divine South African delicacy will have you coming back for seconds and even thirds. Made using apricot jam, this is the perfect treat for those cold autumn nights. Just don't forget the custard!

Photo Cred: SA Country Life

Marshmallow Popcorn Balls

Perfect for any occasion, these Marshmallow Popcorn Balls are made with affordable ingredients you probably already have stored away in your pantry. You can swap out the popcorn and Rice Krispies, depending on your tastes. Enjoy!

Phot Cred: Thirty Handmade Days

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