Having A Baby? Must-Have Items For Your Hospital Bag


Going into the hospital to have my baby was the most terrifying experience. I had no idea what to expect, and because I had never stayed over in a hospital before, and I was even more uncertain about what lay in store.

I remember packing my hospital bag in the first trimester. My hubby thought I was crazy, but the OCD in me just couldn’t comprehend not being absolutely ready for when the big day came. And then the big day did come, and I realised that 90 per cent of what I had packed was completely irrelevant. So, if you’re about to have a baby, to save you the stress, I’ve put together a list of essential vs non-essential items to pack in your baby bag.

Essentials for mom:

Essentials for baby:

Most hospitals tend to provide everything you need for your baby in the form of nappies, lotions, medicine and cream.* Check with your hospital beforehand, and if they do provide the above, then don’t waste your time bringing your own. Rather, pack:

My time in the maternity ward was one of the highlights of having a baby. Those four days, surrounded by staff, family, friends and my newborn were absolutely wonderful. Use that time to relax and embrace your new role of motherhood as much as possible!

*Please note that I have based this list on what an average private Hospital provides, and not a Government one.

By Kate Kearney

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