Busabout's Top Euro Hotspots That Won’t Break the Bank!

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Have you ticked off your dream of travelling during 2019 from your bucket list? Not yet? Well, we don't have much of 2019 left which is why you need to take a look at these amazing Europe deals from Busabout! 

Travel Europe With Busabout

This spring, you get to tap into the most amazing deals to Europe from the crew at Busabout! They have their 2020 trips at 2019 prices ready and waiting for you! And to sweeten the deal, they’re also giving you a sweet 10% off! There’s really no reason not to book right now. Check out a few of their amazing deals below:

Beat A Path To The Balkans

Gaze out from the monasteries moulded into towering rocks and see the Athenian temple made for the Goddess of Wisdom herself.

On this 7-day adventure, you’ll delve deep into the crumbling titans of architectural art. Wander the imperious Game of Thrones fortress walls of Dubrovnik, gaze out from monasteries moulded into towering mountains, and see the Athenian temple erected for the Goddess of Wisdom herself.

On the Balkan Highlights spend seven days exploring Croatia, Greece, Montenegro and Albania. You’ll visit Split, Athens, Kotor, Dubrovnik, Budva, Tirana, Meteora, Gjirokaster and Thermopylae.


Get Yourself to the Greek

Take a Greek Island Flexi Hopper and flexibility and freedom are your new go-tos.

Many ancient Greek philosophers were hedonists. They believed pleasure was the entire point of life - the ultimate goal. After you’ve visited these islands, you’ll understand why.

Experience the thrills of UV paint parties, drool over the most mesmerising sunsets on the planet and fall in love with the ancient sites of glistening Greece. With Flexi Hopper, we’ve maximised gratification by giving you the freedom to choose how long you savour each island! Athens, Mykonos, Paros, Santorini and Ios are but a phone call away.


Short Sharp Hit of All Things Italian

If you love pizza and pasta and all things Italian, then you simply must sign up for an Italian Adventure with Busabout.

The history of Pompeii, the breath-taking Amalfi Coast and the glitzy glamour of Capri. Just don’t ask for pineapple on your pizza! Don’t argue with the Italians, because when it comes to food, they’re always right.

On this trip, slurp on their creamy gelato with a backdrop of the colourful buildings of the Amalfi Coast, sip on limoncello in a traditional restaurant in Sorrento and feast on pizza after exploring the ancient town that was frozen in time, Pompeii. You’ll come back having seen the best sights Italy has to offer, and maybe just a little more snobbish about food!


Set Sail for Turkey

Got your sea-legs ready? Then hop onboard and set sail for Turkey. The famous Blue Cruise along Turkey’s magnificent Turquoise Coast is pure escapism and the ultimate relaxing holiday.

Turkey’s exotic coasts are bursting with treasures, but we’re not chasing drab gold or your everyday gems. We’re seeking richer treasures. The charms of these seas are your hazy memories of pirate-cove parties, your views of monumental Mediterranean fjords and your fresh seafood platter after a day of swimming the transparent, opal waters.

On this trip, you don’t just search for treasures, you live aboard a traditional Turkish gulet. On this 8-day adventure, you’ll permanently feel like a treasure hunter who’s just arrived at the X on the map. You’ll visit Fethiye, Samanlik Bay, St Nicholas Island, Kaş, Limangazi, Smugglers Cove, Demre, Kalkan, Firnaz Bay and the Gulf of Fethiye.


For Bookings & More Information

To make a booking or find out more about Busabout and their special offers, visit their website at www.busabout.com and contact them on (011) 280 8400 or [email protected].

You can also visit them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with the latest news, offers and specials.

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