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Happy Island Water World In Mogale City

Happy Island Water World In Mogale City

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Have you heard? Just in time for the hot summer holidays, the thrilling, exciting and popular water park, Happy Island Water World in Mogale City, reopens on 13 November 2021!

Happy Island Water World is a thrilling water park that offers splashing entertainment! Food and beverages are available within the park to ensure that you're fed and watered during your visit.

Happy Island Water World is Making a Splash

R500-million and 18 months later, Happy Island Water World in Muldersdrift, Mogale City, had it's soft launch on 28 December 2018. And to delight their guests, they have loads of rides and slides, some of which are a first in South Africa! This water park has already made a splash with the locals.

What To Expect

Like we mentioned above, there are plenty of rides and slides for visitors to try! Wondering what you can expect at the water park? Here are the rides:

The Biggest Wave Pool in Africa

Their TWO gigantic Wave Pools are the largest on the continent, measuring a whopping 20 000m2 complete with hydraulic mechanisms that produce ocean-like waves at regular intervals. See, no need to head to KZN to be able to swim in the sea!

Gravity Loop

This one will literally make your stomach sink! Feel the sensation of gravity suck you down a near-vertical slide into an inclined loop at up to 60km/h! That's 2.5 Gs in less than 2 seconds! If you have the heart (or the stomach) for this, don't miss the opportunity to try this one. It's the ultimate body slide experience.

Lazy River

Want to relax and soak up the sun? Gently float down the Lazy River in a rubber tube as it takes you down the ​850m course through the beautiful water park surrounds. Also, this lazy ride is perfect for all ages. You can get your single or double tubes at the entrance.

High Speed Slide

Havde the need for speed? Then be sure not to miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the thrill and excitement of the park's high-speed slide! Thrill-seekers will whoosh through this ride at up to 40km/h. But do exercise extreme caution on this slide, as it's certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Behemoth Bowl

Looking for a group ride to experience with family and friends? Then this is something you need to try. The Behemoth Bowl or Super Bowl is a four-person per tube, wild, adrenaline-filled adventure through a massive bowl that'll take you down into a clear pool below. It's an absolute rush!

Master Blaster Super Tubes

Two super tube slides, one that's open air, and one that is almost entirely dark. One thing they have in common - both will leave you with adrenaline running through your veins! This ride is a classic super tube ride, enjoyed with one or two-person tubes.


This is the big one! Adrenaline junkies, brace yourselves! It's a first in Africa and is as spectacular as it is fun. You'll love the experience of being sucked down a giant tornado funnel into the water pool below. This one is a must.

Rainbow Slide

Whether you're feeling a little competitive with your mates or simply want to experience what it actually feels like sliding down a rainbow, this ride is for you! Take a slide down this fast and wild ride down the magical rainbow, perfect if you're looking to race against your friends.

Massage Pools

Been a long week at the office and in need of some soothing massages? Then head over to the Massage Pools, be lazy, soak and relax a little while being gently massaged. Just keep in mind that these pools are not heated.

Pirate Boat Slide

Arrr, me mateys! Board the Pirate Boat if you dare. Your only escape back to safety is sliding down into the Lazy River. This one is perfect for the kids and anyone with a wild imagination.

And For The Kids...

Other the big rides that'll thrill your socks off, they also have a bunch of fun water features for the littler kids, because what is a water park without fun for all ages? Some of the water park features that are ideal for the younger aged children includes:

Fun Slides

Built just for the kids, there are THREE different slide experiences that all ending in a shallow pool. The kids will love it.

Amazon Rain Forest

Themed on the Amazon Rain Forest, this mini water park features plenty of fun for the little ones, including slides, a pool, and a full rain forest maze for them to explore.

Spray Park

The Spray Park has dozens of playful fountains. It is a safe, fun place for toddlers, young kids, teens and older folk to cool off in the summer heat.

How Much Is Entry?

Entrance is R220 per person, R120 per person for disabled and Pensioners (65 years or older), and FREE entry for babies (3 years and younger).

Entry tickets are available both online and at the gate.

For More Information

For more information about this exciting water park, visit

Don't forget to give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep in loop with the latest updates and happenings at Happy Island Water World.


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