Hamleys - Where Many Dreams Become A Reality

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Once upon a time there was Hamleys - a world full of imagination, stories, friends and tons of fun; every child's dream that soon became a reality!

If there is one thing that could bring children happiness - it's a living toy story. And what fits this criteria better than Hamleys? This toy store is a world of imagination, where stuffed cuddly dreams come.

From the outside, this toy haven looks like we just stepped on London ground and is absolutely breathtaking upon entry.

Hamleys Toy Store

The Love Of Toys...

Once upon a time, there was a man with an idea and a huge love for toys. He imagined a world where everything could be bigger and more fun than anything anyone had ever seen. On the streets of Cornwall in England something magical happened - a place where all kids and parents could be part of a reality like never before - Hamleys.

The one thing that made everything better, was the beautiful smiles of the children whose hearts where melted by all the characters and cuddly friends they met. Soon, this awesome world spread out to many other places to make a lot of children happy.

Hamleys Culture

The People

Hamleys aims to create a fun and inviting culture and ambience with jubilant and energetic staff who are able to make shopping at their stores an experience to remember. We won't forget the amazing assistants we met at this store.

Hamleys Toy Store

The Store

It's a world full of magical and innovative ideas. The minute you set foot in the store - you will not want to leave. The stores have a warm and fuzzy atmosphere for the children. The environment is fun and enjoyable, it fact, it's almost addictive.

The Infamous Train

They have an exciting ride that the kids (and maybe even the adults) can enjoy. The Hamleys Express is a favourite to many. And they have awesome special deals like Tuesday 2 for the price of 1, check their Facebook page for promo availability.

Hamleys Toy Store

Friends At The Ham...

Hamleys is filled with tons of things to choose from, not just for children but adults too, such as cool puzzles. They have a wide variety of toys and also boast a collection of kids' books and educational toys to help your children think bigger and smarter.

Just an added extra - they have lovely gifting items. As old as we are - our favourite has to be the soft stuffed toys, which are so comforting and warm. They also have great toys for the ultimate man cave.

Why Hamleys makes our heart smile?

Who wouldn't love to be in a little world full of magical experiences? This place is just awesome!

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