All The Hair Trends for 2019


We are almost through the first month of 2019! Hard to believe, isn’t it? If you are feeling stuck in the year gone by, try out one of these exciting new hair style, colour or accessory trends. After all, a haircut is the best way to feel like a totally new person (for a few weeks, at least). 

The start of a new year always brings about a series of fresh fashion and beauty trends. We are smack-bang in the middle of our summer season in Joburg. But there is definitely an air of change on the horizon. Being the eclectic city we are, quirky new hair trends are likely to take off quickly. Don’t get left behind when the new year comes into full swing!

Style Trends

Hairstyles are expected to take serious notes from the past this season. Think the 1950’s inspired micro-fringe, big 80’s curls or the mid-naughties side-fringe (yes, it’s back). Hair trends will be distinctively retro with updated twists. However, the blunt cut made popular in recent years, is also still featured on trend lists.

The blunt cut has been steadily adapted to both short and long styles. This year, expect even sleeker looking cuts as micro-layering adds even more balance to this daring style. Razor cuts on shorter styles will also amp up the precise aesthetic of the blunt cut style. Alternatively, long tresses are being styled in beachy waves and loose curls for the summer. The overall look is meant to give off the impression of deliberate, refined messiness. Soft layering for volume and texture will be utilised to create this effortless beachy style.

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Natural hair remains at the fore-front of styling trends for the year. Extensions and hair pieces are less favoured, while new stretching techniques are being employed to give natural hair longer length and greater body. High piled ponytails and pinned up looks are expected to become more creative as well. Chunky box braids will also stay a popular protective style.

Colour Trends 

Colour variations have expanded for the upcoming year. Pastels, coppers, inky blacks, beach blondes, rich brunettes and natural grey’s are all in.

Cotton-candy pink is the pastel colour of the moment. This versatile hue suits a range of complexions, but it is always advisable to consult a salon expert before selecting your colour. Also keep in mind that if your roots are naturally dark, you may have to bleach your hair before colouring it. But, if you have a trusted hair stylist who knows exactly how to treat and maintain your selected colour, go right ahead with this carnivalesque colour pop. Otherwise, indulge yourself and stop past JK Ginger Hair Salon in Sandton for a world class hair treatment.

Copper reds are expected to be a big thing in 2019, as are golden brunette tones. These darker shades are easy to maintain, but are nonetheless vibrant. If you are comfortable with a more natural look, opt for these colour variations. Embracing your naturally greying hair is also on the trend bill this year. If you haven’t quite reached that stage of life yet, but love the grey shade, ash grey tinting is an option.

copper hair


Beach blondes are right in line with the beach style look for the season. Not quite the icy white blonde of past seasons, this colouring has more streaky, sun-kissed highlights. On the opposite end of the spectrum, inky blue-black dyes give the blunt cut added sleek and edge.


2019 is the year to accessorise. Head bands of all kinds (sparkly, stretchy, glittery, etc.), as well as hair clips, pins and bobbies have made a definite resurgence. Lovisa has a great range of hair accessories, including jewelled tiaras! Be expressive and unique in your choice of accessories — especially if you aren’t brave enough to try out the year’s latest style and colour trends. Sometimes a new shiny hair pin is all you really need to feel brand new anyway.

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