The Haig Club Aligns Itself With The Cool Kids Of Joburg

We met up with the Haig Club at Whisky Live 2018 at the Sandton Convention Centre and fell in love with this unconventional Scottish whisky brand.

Since 1627, the Haig family has been known for their exclusive single grain distilled Scotch whisky aged in burnt oak barrels. It’s only until recently that the Haig Club’s Clubman took the Joburg dram drinking market by storm. Followed by a surprise visit from the brand’s lead ambassador, David Beckham to Joburg, Haig Club has become a recognised contender in and around the city. This comes as no surprise as this age old whisky caters to the new drinking class. Designed to be different, stylish and with a modern twist, Haig Club is set to become a barman’s best friend.

As bold as it is to have Becks as the face of a near 400 year old distillery, it is clear that Haig Club is not a cookie cutter whisky that sticks to the old school style of drinking dram: it can never be mixed, drink it neat or only with a splash of water… Ignore them, make your own rules with The Haig Club Clubman.

This Scotch pairs well with a wide variety of mixers to complement its ultra- smooth character and toffee and butterscotch notes. Haig CLUB CLUBMAN is aged exclusively in American Oak casks that have previously held Bourbon, allowing the sweet, gentle Single Grain Scotch Whisky from Cameronbridge to interact with the vanilla, butterscotch and sweet toffee flavours found in the ex-bourbon casks. The result is a wonderfully smooth, sweet and enjoyable Scotch Whisky.

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