H20 and Nikki Beach

H20 is honestly the king of dance parties in Johannesburg.

H20 and Nikki Beach

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H20 is honestly the king of dance parties in Johannesburg. They don’t specialize in one kind of dance music, but rather in all of them, expect trance, electro, hard-house, deep-house and progressive, right down to commercial. The name H20 is self-explanatory – there are lots of water features, so dress with that in mind and expect girls in bikinis and guys in shorts.

H20 has been around for over ten years now, providing Joburg with nothing but the freshest DJ’s and the hottest venue in dance across the whole country. Their parties are legendary and have grown from year to year often featuring around twenty DJ’s and an all day, all night party.

H20 is part of the Wild Waters complex in Boksburg which also plays host to the sexy St Tropez style club – Nikki Beach. Nikki Beach is the stylish side to H20, it is often used as the ‘indoor’ and balcony area of the H20 parties and is decorated in red and white… sexy.

Expect a hot night. If you’re a single and want to meet people, then this is the place for you – guys in shorts and girls in bikinis – you can’t go wrong. H20 makes up for Joburg’s ‘non-beach’ complex, and shows the rest of the country what can be done with a little Joburg attitude.

Venue: Wild Waters Complex, 1 Margaret Lane, Boksburg

Call to confirm whether there is a party on because H20 and Nikki Beach are only open for events.

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