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Guinot Facial at R.U.B Salon

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I am always keen to try something new – especially when it promises to tighten and firm your skin. But the Guinot Hydradermie Deluxe facial has to be the most unique facial I have ever had!

When you think of a facial, you normally think of a stunning relaxing treatment and glowing skin that lasts for a few days. Well, Guinot Hydradermie Deluxe is completely different. And although there are relaxing elements involved, this is far more of a “treatment” than a “treat” – if you know what I mean. But the end result is more than worth it!

I have been to R.U.B before (to write a review on slimming treatments, and also had the most heavenly pedicure!) and so I felt very at home in their salon just off Peter Place in Bryanston. The team is incredibly friendly and welcoming, and I love how private the salon feels. I was taken through to the facial room, and given a long wrap-around towelling sarong to wear, before being made warm and comfortable on the table under some towels and a blanket.

The therapist explained that the face has so many muscles (which explains our many facial expressions) and these muscles can sag as we get older. Instead of just applying firming creams, women can now have a series of facials where your facial muscles are exercised via a small electric current that makes each muscle contract. This results in their becoming tighter and more toned, which causes your skin to become firmer. And the results are lasting because you are working under the skin.

A thin layer of gel was first applied to my face and neck, and two rollers were then rolled slowly over my face while delivering a small electrical current to the underlying muscles. I have to say that it is a VERY weird feeling as each muscle contracts for about 4 seconds and then relaxes, and it takes a little getting used to. The best part is when the rollers are used around your mouth, because you end up pulling the strangest faces as those muscles contract! (Thank goodness the room is quite dark and the therapist does this all day and so it doesn’t faze her!)

You can also adjust the strength of the current and thereby make each muscle contraction smaller or bigger – and they normally keep it quite low to begin with. With me, we ended up turning it up around my eyes and forehead, and down slightly around my mouth. Then up again under my chin and on my neck. The best thing to do is just lie there and think of your tightened skin, and understand that this is not the most relaxing treatment in the world – but you get to lie down and have some peace and quiet!

And then …. comes the massage. A heavenly blur of hands massaging your face, neck and shoulders while you drift off to that wonderful state of “nothingness” as you relax completely. It is such a fantastic way to end the treatment as you leave feeling as if you have been pampered.

Two hours later, once I was dressed, I could immediately see what they call the “Cinderella Effect” – there is an immediate lifting and tightening, especially around the eyes and mouth. And as you have not had a deep steam and cleanse, you know that your skin will look beautiful for the next few days with no breakouts – perfect if you have a function coming up in the next 48 hours.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone that is considering botox or any kind of face lift. You will need a course of 5 treatments for the full benefit (just like going to gym once is not going to have a lasting effect) but there is no surgery, no down-time and the costs are affordable because you are not having all the treatments all at once (although you can go often if you want speedy results).

If this is something you would consider, I would suggest going for the one treatment and seeing the results first-hand. You can also combine the treatment with your normal Guinot facial, which works out cheaper (but not AS much time is spent working on the muscles and so it depends on how much lifting and tightening you want). Personally, I would either book for one session where they combine the treatment with a Guinot facial R690 – that way you can get the therapist’s feedback on what would work best for you.

I am definitely going for more treatments when I hit 40 – no saggy jaw or droopy eyes in my future now that I know this is a treatment that delivers on its promises!

Cost: R1070.00 for 1 treatment or Purchase 5 treatments and get one free. R.U.B is also offering a special on ALL Guinot facials where you will receive a free facial for every five booked!

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